Making the TotalView Work for You: Breaking Down The Best Practices Audit


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On the last episode, we introduced the TotalView Best Practices Audit and why you should use it in your business. But what exactly is this audit? Essentially, the TotalView is a survey used to determine how well your business is running. Separated into seven core competencies, the TotalView touches on every facet of your operation from team members, to design, to management of finances.

Normally conducted by a consultant, the Rockers want to share this auditing process with operators like you to help you get started self-auditing.

When going down the list, you will find questions organized by segments of the business: Leadership and Management, Brand and Marketing, Guest Service, Menu and Culinary, Operations and Training, Human Resources and Internal Communication, and Financial Performance.  

So, what do you get with the TotalView Best Practices Audit? The Rockers set you up for success with a set methodology and objectives, an executive summary, the "Best Practices 7 Core Competency Findings and Recommendations," a SWOT chart, a set of conclusions, recommended next steps, and resources and exhibits to help you along the way.

Bill and Eric remind us that it’s important that you are honest when implementing this process. It only works if you use it the way a third-party auditor would. Once you have your findings, you can implement changes that will start to improve your operation.

"You or this process really becomes the change agent for the organization. If you've got some problems and you start implementing this process, I think you'll find those problems out and be able to change. You're really going to be able to shift where you are and try to make it better," Eric said.

And don’t hesitate to turn to a FCSI Consultant if you want a little help from an expert with fresh eyes! They can help customize your audit to your particular operation.