What’s The Key Role of Leadership?

What’s The Key Role of Leadership?

As 2017 is nearing its end, the answer is one that’s both consistent and evolving.  Just in case you missed Parts One and Two of this leadership series, here’s a short recap:  The question was asked, “What are the three top responsibilities of leadership, that is, an owner, or C-suite leader?”   

I answered my own question in Part One wearing two hats: experienced owner, and multi-decade “vet” who’s facilitated change and growth in over 1,600 restaurant and hospitality companies in different industry segments.  

Part Two of the series expanded the dialogue. Readers got the perspective of a Founder/CEO, SVP of a multinational brand, and COO of a regional chain.  The panel represented three different industry segments and sizes— all highly successful.

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The 3 Most Important Actions of Leadership

The 3 Most Important Actions of Leadership

This is the first of a three-part blog series on the responsibilities of leadership in our industry. I’d make the case for any industry, really.   

The focus here is all the more important because at the operations level of our companies, regardless of business segment, managers are expected to serve as leaders. Management and leadership are different things.   

This nuance is something we rarely talk about. I will in each of these three blogs.

The three most important actions of leadership are:  

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Duffy's and PDQ Dish Out Trends and Insights From Marketing + Operations Summit 2016

Foodable was present at the Marketing + Operations Summit 2016 held at the Boca Raton Resort & Club by the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA).

The event served to spotlight hospitality leaders who shared industry insights, best practices, and new business trends that have helped their companies increase sales and customer satisfaction.

In this “On Foodable Side Dish,” we had the chance to speak with Jason Emmett, president of Duffy’s Sports Grill, and Jeffrey Kamis, CMO for PDQ, who both shared insights on how they are keeping up with the changing times in the digitally-enhanced world that we live in today.

“We are always looking for way to keep adding value to our top customers and to encourage them to keep coming back...” Emmett said.

“There’s so many people that you want to reach. You have to be able to figure out ways to talk to them, so your message that may appear on Twitter is going to be very different than Snapchat or Facebook,” Kamis said.

One of the popular topics in the summit had to do with the changing demographic, specifically referring to Millennials. They talked about how to keep pace with them when looking for new hires and employee retainment once in the workplace. These two gurus also tackled how to cater to Millennials as the number one growing consumer demographic.

Don Yaeger, a business leadership coach, shared some insights with Chelsea Keenan, Foodable’s Marketing Director, about the ethos that drives Millennials to work for companies they believe in.

This summit also featured presenters from Technomic, BRAND USA, The Ritz-Carlton, The Biltmore Hotel, Bloomin’ Brands, World of Beer, Fontainebleau, and Smith & Wollensky, who all shared marketing and operation tips and techniques on how to manage restaurants and hotels more effectively.

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