Everytable: The Oasis found in Food Deserts

Foodable met up with some of the great minds in hospitality at this year’s HUB conference in Southern California. On this episode of On Foodable Weekly we hear how CEO Sam Polk started Everytable and how the company stays profitable.

Everytable creates healthy grab-and-go meals and sells them for cheaper than the price of local fast food. The goal is that everyone, even those in food deserts, can afford to feed their families nourishing meals.

Everytable is able to offer these meals at such low prices due to their small stores. Each store is about 700 square feet and only requires 2 employees working at a time. Their food is prepared at a nearby commissary kitchen in bulk and delivered to the stores daily, minimizing labor costs.

Find out more about how this company is improving local communities by watching this episode of On Foodable Weekly.