Starbucks is Opening More Reserve Bars in Canada

The Seattle-based coffee chain Starbucks has quickly conquered the market with over 28,000 stores across the globe.

In February of 2017, the chain opened its first Starbuck Reserve, a luxury coffee store that takes the cafe experience to the next level, while serving rare and unique coffees.

After rolling out the first few stores, the coffee chain also said that it has plans to expand with over 1,000 Reserve stores.

"While our Roasteries are designed to be bold, educational environments, our Reserve store takes the best of coffee craft as well as artisan baking and layers in a marketplace-style customer experience creating a space that has both energy and moments of intimacy," Liz Muller, Starbucks senior vice president of Creative, Global Design and Innovation, in a press release.

Apparently, these Reserve stores are doing especially well in the Canadian market. There are already three Reserve Bars in Canada, two in Ontario and one in North York. These Reserve Bars usually feature elaborate decor and store designs. The newest Reserve in North York has a wraparound bar.

But coffee isn't the only thing on the menu. These bars feature much more food options than the traditional Starbucks chain like menu items chorizo mac and cheese and the pear and brie flatbread.

The company is planning to open more of these elevated coffee chains and they will be bigger than the first three Canadian stores. According to "Retail Insider," sources are saying that a large downtown Toronto location could be in the works, which would span more than one level and be more in line with big stores such as a new Reserve/Roastery location in Shanghai."

The biggest store will be opening this year and will have 43,000-square-feet and four floors. This massive Reserve store will be on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and will take up a whole acre of prime city real estate.

Learn more about the Starbucks Reserve stores and the new stores opening in Canada at "Narcity" now.

It makes sense that Starbuck Reserve Bars are taking off because the artisan coffee and tea market is booming. Consumers want beverages with unique origins. Check out the video below where Michael Sheridan, the director of Sourcing and Shared Value at Intelligentsia Coffee and Allen Wang, founder & partner of Kung Fu Tea talk about consumer beverage trends and how their brands are thriving in this saturated artisan drink market.