Hot Wheels: Detroit’s Food Truck Scene Keeps Growing

Hot Wheels: Detroit’s Food Truck Scene Keeps Growing

By Dorothy Hernandez, Foodable Contributor

Entrepreneurs are helping revitalize Detroit one creative business at a time, especially in the local food scene with alternative business models such as pop-ups and food trucks. With such an influx of food-focused ventures, one would think it would be a cutthroat industry. Not in the Motor City.

“The truck offers the ability to collaborate and be a part of a lot of the exciting things happening in and around the city,” says chef Marc Bogoff of the popular food truck Stockyard. 

He noted that since they started the truck in 2014, there has been a “a steady climb in new trucks throughout the city, and it’s only been a couple of years. I would love to see more public locations begin to take shape on a daily basis as the industry continues to grow.”

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