Detroit Pop-Up Social Event Leads to Permanent Restaurant

What started as a Detroit networking event co-founded by Jay Rayford and Grace Montero and promoted over social media has led to plans for a permanent restaurant — and could be the latest in a social and food trend.

Originally a pop-up, or as Rayford describes it to The Detroit News, a “social catering experience,” Social Sushi Detroit became a weekly event combining food and social networks where attendees enjoyed Detroit-inspired sushi.

“Once we saw how people were coming together and how people loved it, we were like, ‘Man let’s get this thing going,’” Rayford told The Detroit News. “(We had) no thought about opening a restaurant one day, no thought about ‘Hey, let’s do this for four years.’”

But it is four years old and there are plans to expand Sushi Detroit into a full-time restaurant expected to open this summer. Read more