Tavern Road Makes 'Best of 2015' on 'Table 42'

This past year took us around the country to some amazing culinary cities. From Detroit to Dallas, New York to New Orleans, and from the Bay area to Boston, we packed light, ate heavily, and imbibed in some of the most innovative cocktails around the nation. And each year, we narrow down our adventures throughout the season of our various on-location network shows — namely, “Table 42,” “Across the Bar,” “Fast Casual Nation,” and “On Foodable Side Dish” — to the best of the best.

This year was no exception. In 2015, our “Table 42” favorites (though not all are listed, as we could only select three for the sake of consistency), included Boston’s Tavern Road, where host Paul Barron takes viewers into the fast-casual by day, fine-dining at night restaurant, located in Boston’s ever-growing Fort Point neighborhood. 

Table 42's Best Footage of 2015

Table 42” is a Foodable Network show that brings viewers inside high-end restaurants around the country that are redefining their respective markets and beyond. Each chef, each dish, and each venue has a story to tell unlike the last. Giving our audience a front-row seat into the goings on of culinary creation, “Table 42,” hosted by Foodable Founder/CEO and Executive Producer Paul Barron, is filled with valuable knowledge for chefs and operators, with top-line executive chefs giving us access into their kitchens.

In this 2015 compilation of “Table 42” footage, brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network, we’re bringing you back into some of the best establishments we had the pleasure of filming at this year — from Peasant in New York City, an Old World, Tuscan-style restaurant helmed by Chef DeCarlo (fun fact: it’s Marc Forgione’s favorite restaurant to eat at when he’s not working), to Counter 3. Five. VII in Austin, a restaurant built on a non-traditional, no-waitstaff model. Watch the full episode to learn more.

Check Out Our "Across the Bar" Episode Featuring Tavern Road

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It wasn't long ago that we brought you into Boston's Tavern Road on "Table 42" to check out the restaurant's open kitchen, the FOH aesthetic and, of course, the food. But now, it's time to make room for some drinks.

In this "Across the Bar" episode, the Foodable WebTV Network pulls up a chair at the bar with Tavern Road's Beverage Director, Ryan McGrale. Like many in the industry, he "fell into" bartending, and the rest is history. Craft cocktail culture is an art form, and McGrale is always on the lookout for inspiration to improve a drink he previously created. But it never hurts to turn up the volume on a classic. Luckily, we get to explore both.

Watch the full episode as McGrale walks us through three cocktails, including one called Fishnets & Fangs and a new invention of a Manhattan and a Cosmopolitan. Cheers!

Cocktail Inspiration: 5 Bartenders Reveal Their Spin on Classic Cocktails

Cocktail Inspiration: 5 Bartenders Reveal Their Spin on Classic Cocktails

By Jessica Bryant, Managing Editor

You can’t go wrong with a classic. That sentiment continues to reverberate around bars all across the country, as cocktail culture cycles back to its roots with a renewed appreciation for simple, classic drinks.

Just as with any industry of expression (like fashion or art), trends tend to evolve backward as much as they do forward, their reintroduction met with new waves of appreciation. And as consumers become more educated drinkers, and start to understand the depths that one spirit alone holds, it seems almost cruel to mask the complex notes of the tastebuds by overdoing it. This demand of to-the-point simplicity can also be seen in the ever-progressing American dining culture. Journalist C.W. Ceram said it best: “Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.”

What influences American culture to revive these trends once again? And how are bartenders around the country putting a modern spin on the classics? We’ve got you covered, below.

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Boston, Time to Hit Tavern Road

Boston, do you want to go where your taste buds have never traveled before?

It's time to make a trip down to Tavern Road. Not only are its dishes different journeys to experience, the way the restaurant functions is a unique concept in itself. By day, it is a fast casual, but at night, it becomes a full-service establishment, a self-proclaimed "high-energy, modern restaurant and bar."

Watch this episode of Table 42 and meet the team of brothers behind this business. Chef and co-owner Louis DiBiccari cooks up rich flavors at the back of the house, while operator and co-owner Michael DiBiccari creates a tasteful atmosphere with multi-layer designs up front.