A Lawsuit Against Chipotle & What the Acquisition of Technomic Means for Big Data in Foodservice

Chipotle gets hit with a class-action lawsuit for GMO marketing and Technomic gets acquired by Winsight Media. We cover these topics in this episode of On Foodable Weekly, brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network.

How might this lawsuit affect Chipotle, its brand message, and restaurant visits? Bill Bender, industry consultant and co-host of “Rock My Restaurant,” joins host Paul Barron to discuss. Also making a guest appearance in this episode is Jessica Bryant, the managing editor at Foodable, to discuss the Technomic acquisition, how data will continue to affect the restaurant space in different ways, and what the difference is between structured data and unstructured data.

Winsight, LLC Announces Technomic Acquisition

Winsight, LLC Announces Technomic Acquisition

The restaurant and foodservice industry is constantly evolving to become bigger, better, and bolder. Partnerships, acquisitions, and IPOs have certainly been ramping up and show no signs of slowing down. And in a technology- and social-driven business landscape, data has become vital to make better decisions.

In more recent news, it was announced yesterday that Technomic, a leading resource in the foodservice industry for market trends and strategic insights, has been acquired for an undisclosed amount by Winsight, LLC, a business-to-business foodservice industry media company formerly known as CSP Business Media.

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Technomic’s Darren Tristano — Fast Casual Evolution, IPOs & QSR+

On this episode of Fast Casual Trends TV, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we speak with Technomic’s Darren Tristano at the Fast Casual Trends & Directions Conference in Chicago. Watch the full episode as Tristano and host Paul Barron dive into QSR+, a new subsegment of the restaurant industry, and how this new financial wave of IPOs — like Shake Shack’s — will affect the fast casual space.

What characteristics shape the definition of QSR+? How did this subcategory come into fruition? And what makes a brand sexy to investors?

3 Restaurant Tech Takeaways From the Fast Casual Trends & Directions Conference

3 Restaurant Tech Takeaways From the Fast Casual Trends & Directions Conference

Yesterday marked the 4th annual Fast Casual Trends & Directions conference. Held in the Ritz-Carlton Chicago by Technomic, in media partnership with DigitalCoCo, the event showcased a handful of panels and speakers with great insight into the restaurant segment that’s changing the game: fast casual.

Foodable Founder & CEO Paul Barron hosted a panel about tech in fast casual restaurants. Panel members included Anthony Pigliacampo, Founder & CEO at ModMarket, Anand Dass, Business Development at Postmates and Michael Hagen, COO at LevelUp.

No matter how you slice it, tech is a huge push for Millennial adoption in fast casual. Here are three takeaways from the panel.

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Millennials are the Biggest Influencers of Beverage Trends

According to Technomic's 2014 BeerTab Report, the millennial generation spends the most on beer, especially craft beer. Imported beer, flavored malt beverages and cider are also recent millennial favorites. 

  • Males from the age of 21-34 spend $22-23 on beer per occasion, while females in the same age group spend roughly $17-18 (according to Technomic)
  • In 2013, 24% of high-frequency wine drinkers were millennials and 55% of those millennials drink high-end wines (according to the Wine Market Council)
  • 28% of millennials drink wine on a daily basis (according to the Wine Market Council)

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