A Sneak Peek into the Top 50 Sandwich Innovator Report

A Sneak Peek into the Top 50 Sandwich Innovator Report

The Top 50 Sandwich Innovator Report identifies the emerging sandwich concepts that are dominating the segment and reveals some interesting trends in menus and consumer interest.

Although we’ve seen a downward trend of 6.8 percent, year over year, in overall restaurant traffic based on social media mentions, the 300 sandwich innovator brands have seen a traffic increase of 3.4 percent, according to Foodable Labs.

The report, which is slated to release sometime in July, will provide an analysis exploring the sandwich segment and trends. The segment has seen an upward trend as far as traffic in social media mentions is concerned, which is a great statement for the newcomers that are dominating the market.

It may have something to do with the move towards brand transparency and the use of higher-quality ingredients. In fact, Food Quality is one of the highest ranked sentiment scores at 78.9 points for the Top 50 Sandwich Innovator concepts since the younger demographics are gravitating more towards higher quality and convenient food options. This research also points to the increased popularity of higher-quality ingredient sides, like chips. Snack brands, like Miss Vickie’s, are leading the way in this segment, further advancing the high-quality ingredients trend.

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Celebrity Chef John Tesar's Knife Burger to Open at New Food Hall in Texas

Celebrity Chef John Tesar's Knife Burger to Open at New Food Hall in Texas

Food halls, in general, are becoming wildly popular.

Earlier this year, Foodable reported on how this new dining category may become the next big thing with more fast casual restaurants joining forces to form part of a diverse collection of food offerings housed close together in one go-to destination for customer convenience.

The appeal for consumers, who want to eat healthier, support local farmers and fisheries while having different cuisines available to satisfy every craving, is there.

Our industry expert, Donald Burns, went out on a limb late last year predicting the rise of food halls, as he shared his favorite spots found around the U.S.

"Today, people, they want to mix it up… they want to try out new things. Nothing is better than going to a food hall with your friends and having lots and lots of different options available... There are [great] ones out there in the market. There’s one in Houston, Tex., called Conservatory… There’s another one: Avanti in Denver… also the Revival Food Hall in Chicago. Another great concept!,” said Burns.

Well, Fort Worth, Tex. is the next lucky city with development plans in place to create an exciting food hall in Crockett Row at West 7th.

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FoodableTV's Newly Introduced "BUILT." Explores Houston's Market Square

In this premier episode of BUILT., Chris Tripoli and Bob Eury, executive director at the Houston Downtown Management District (HDMD), take us through the process of revitalizing Market Square in Houston, Texas, a small, old, established park in the downtown area that serves both a small residential community as well as nearby Monday-thru-Friday employees.

“The philosophy behind the redevelopment of the park was to incorporate the history of the site but also to respect the artistic intent and engagement of artists,” says Eury. “At the same time, was to really make it the thriving public square for the residential neighborhood.”

To achieve this revitalization, Eury reached out to Tripoli early on to figure out whether foodservice might play a role in the project. “We had very little experience in foodservice,” says Eury. “And I think we realized that this is one of those things where we wanted to get it right from the start.”

Houston Based Dish Society Showcases "Flex Casual" Model

There was once a time when fast-casual concepts were the new kids on the block — fresh, innovative, and different. While this segment has certainly captured the hearts (and wallets) of many — a love affair especially with Millennials — the marketplace has become inevitably saturated. Fast casual is a proven model, and is even on its second wave, known as Fast Casual 2.0 or “fine casual,” which reflects chef-driven concepts rooted in sustainable offerings and local partnerships.

But what’s next? If the success of Houston-based Dish Society is any indicator, it could be flex-casual. “We offer counter service for breakfast, lunch and brunch, and we do full-service for dinner,” says Aaron Lyons, Dish Society’s founder.

Lyon initially intended for Dish Society to be purely fast casual, so what changed?

Austin Barbecue Establishments Facing New Restrictions

In Austin, local barbecue establishments may face new restrictions that will force them to cut down on their smoke.  Residents living nearby these barbecue restaurants have filed a number of complaints with the city, stating they are being smoked out of their own homes and city officials are beginning to crack down, with Austin District 3 Council Member Sabino Renteria  drafting a resolution that would seek to address the growing smoke concerns.

The resolution, if passed, would require restaurants to install smoke scrubbers which would cut down on their smoke emissions.  The smoke scrubbers would cost restaurant owners in the thousands, which has many operators facing possible closure should the bill pass. 

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