Why Storytelling for Brands Is Becoming More Important Than Ever

Why Storytelling for Brands Is Becoming More Important Than Ever

By Jessica Bryant, Managing Editor

Months ago, Whole Foods came out with its first national advertising campaign. It comes in the form of a video, and tells the message of the brand’s values: ethical, high-quality food production and sourcing, and fair labor practices. Why did Whole Foods, a household name, decide on a national ad spend now? Because of competition. Despite its success (and perhaps, in part, because of it), the better-for-you market segment is becoming mainstream. Everyone wants a piece of the natural, organic market because of its strong consumer demand.

Whole Foods is a perfect example of a brand creating differentiation in the market beyond product. At the end of the day, competitors can take pages out of business plans and, in this case, put good-for-you products on their shelves. But there’s one thing that is individual to each brand that cannot be replicated: a brand story.

Brand stories evoke passion and purpose. They portray messages of a brand’s motivation, values, history and what a company stands for. Brand stories open the door of transparency from company to consumer, inviting them in. And probably most importantly, brand stories have the ability to connect individuals to something greater than themselves, giving them a chance to find self-value within the company’s values. If you haven’t already connected the dots, these attributes together build loyalty and increase top-of-mind awareness for consumers.

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