Win Tailgating Season With These Chef-Inspired Recipes

Win Tailgating Season With These Chef-Inspired Recipes

Let's face it!

Tailgating is not done the same way your father and grandpa used to do it back in their day. Modern tailgating is more than just grilling cheap burgers and cracking a few beers open behind the trunk of your neighbor's pickup truck.

Now, it's about who can throw the most elaborate pre-game celebration with gourmet food options and trendy food stations.

The most extreme example of fancy tailgates would probably have to be Michael Mina's 49ers Tailgate Experience, but we are not all James Beard Award-winning chefs with stadium restaurants, are we?

Lucky for you The Melting Pot's corporate chef, Jason Miller, shared with Foodable four booze-infused fondue recipes that are sure to crown you as the King or Queen of Tailgates this football season. Remember, winter is coming and you still have until February to show off your skills at your next pre-game celebration. Why not do it with a warm beer or liquor-infused cheese fondue?

Check out the delicious recipes, below. Don't be afraid to get creative!

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Restaurant Trade Secrets: How to Smooth Over Guest Complaints

A restaurant can't make every diner happy and guest complaints are bound to happen. And isn't it better to receive the complain in person than seeing it appear on Yelp later that night? Don't you want the opportunity to make it up to our customer? 

A complaint from a guest is what Mike Lester, president of The Melting Pot, sees as a 'gift' because then the restaurant is given another chance to keep that customer's business. All successful restaurants have developed an appropriate technique to handle such complains. The Melting Pot for example uses the guest-recovery process of BLAST, which stands for Believe, Listen, Apologize, Solve, and Thank. 

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