Cochon555 Miami: Five Porc Trends, Five Porc Dishes, Five Reasons to Go

Cochon555 Miami: Five Porc Trends, Five Porc Dishes, Five Reasons to Go

By Mae Velasco, Custom Content Manager

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Five chefs, five heritage breed pigs, five winemakers, over 36 dishes, and one night of a whole ‘lotta porc.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably squealing like a pig from excitement now that Cochon555 Miami is around the corner. To get ready for the big night, here are five Miami chefs dishing out on how they enjoy pigging out.

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[VIDEO] A Balancing Act at The Social Club in the Surfcomber

South Beach is more than half-naked bodies prancing in the sand or UM college students with liquored-up slushies in tow. Sure, it is that. But, as locals know, there’s more to “the beach” than the actual beach. Tucked away in hotels lining the famed streets of Ocean Drive and Collins Ave. are hidden gems where more sophisticated crowds perch. Good food and drink in Miami is not limited to Cubans and cortaditos. At The Social Club in Miami’s Surfcomber, you can find those things, sure, but Chef Blair Wilson has a lot more to offer: maple-roasted brussels sprouts, caramelized onion beignets, and local black grouper, to name a few.

And what’s a social club without drinks? Resident mixologist Chad Phillips knows how to make a damn good cocktail. While he intuitively whips up offhand drinks on the regular, The Social Club’s cocktail menu includes hits like Particles and Waves (deep eddy grapefruit vodka, or-g, lemon ginger simple, lavender bitters, brut rose champagne) and Venus in Furs (lavender-infused limoncello, domaine de canton, yellow chartreuse, vanilla bean lillet blanc, boston bitters, bitter lemon tonic).

Because food and drink flavors are such a balancing act, Chef Blair and Chad whipped up some pairings for us at Foodable, giving us a taste of how their respective talents play well off each other.

Social Pairings in South Beach

In this episode of Table 42, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we visited the restaurant and bar known as The Social Club at the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach. Chef Blair Wilson gives us a visual taste of a few of his traditional dishes, but with a Miami twist, featuring some unique flavors from the avocado gazpacho, tamarind-chile glaze and kaffir aioli. While the bartender Chad Phillips prepares the perfect drink to complement the flavors from the dishes.