Cocktail Trends: Creative Garnishes

Cocktail Trends: Creative Garnishes

By Natalie Migliarini, Foodable Contributor

Everyone loves a cocktail with a cool garnish. Not only does it draw your eye to the cocktail but also makes the cocktail look more appealing. Many times when ordering a cocktail at the bar I see beautiful and crazy garnished cocktails, which I immediately want to order. The extreme garnished cocktail has come a long way from your typical garnished Bloody Mary and tiki cocktails. Classic cocktails and unique bartenders creations are using extreme garnishes to offer customers a fun and creative cocktail experience.   

Bloody Mary and Tiki Cocktail Garnishes

Extreme Bloody Mary garnishes include anything from sliders to chicken wings. The classic celery and olive garnish has been elevated to include crazy appetizer type garnishes. At Score on Davie in Vancouver they serve the Checkmate Caesar  (A Canadian Version of a Bloody Mary). The garnishes for this cocktail are basically an entire meal for two with roasted chicken, Score burger, pulled pork sriracha glazed slider, onion rings, chicken wings, a pulled pork mac&cheese hotdog and a brownie for desert. Tiki garnishes are also typically garnished with crazy items including flaming citrus and specially carved fruit.  

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