Free Report: 2016 Top Sandwich Brands

Will consumers ever get sick of the beloved sandwich? This fan- favorite food item is the most popular type of lunch with 300 million sandwiches consumed by Americans every day.

Interestingly enough, this convenient food was invented by John Montagu, a British statesman known as the fourth Earl of Sandwich. This gambler wanted to find a way to eat without having to leave his gaming table, so the concept of the sandwich was born!

But, what makes them still so enticing to today’s consumers? Sandwiches are easy to eat, quick to make or grab at a store or restaurant, customizable, cost-effective, lling and there are also so many variations to choose from.

With all of this in mind, paired with today’s fast-paced environment, the sandwich is often the perfect lunch (and dinner) solution for the on-the-go consumer.