Leadership Series: Tremaine Atkinson's Journey from Home Brewer to CH Distillery Founder

“I actually started a brewery when I was about 27 with two buddies and five thousand bucks and it didn’t last very long because we ran out of money,” says Tremaine Atkinson lightheartedly. “But that planted the seed many years ago for what would become CH.”

CH Distillery is Chicago’s first dedicated vodka distillery. It opened August of 2013 after Atkinson left his finance career to pursue his passion for turning raw ingredients into delicious spirits.

“I realized that if I was going to do something in alcohol I would need to raise enough capital to be able to do it successfully. So, I spent years in another career raising that capital…,” explained Atkinson, Founder of CH Distillery.

Not only was he able to raise enough capital but he also learned important skills along the way that prepared him to lead a successful business. In this leadership series, Atkinson talks about how to overcome challenges, secrets to success, and valuable leadership lessons.

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CH Distillery — Combining Science and Art in Mixology

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At CH Distillery, Chicago can get a taste of the city's only truly local vodka. But it's not only its use of local ingredients that sets it apart from the competition. With its unique, lab-like venue and transparent glass windows showing off its in-house liquor making, CH Distillery gives guests a completely new experience and new flavor offerings! 

Join host Paul Barron to get a behind-the-scenes look with co-founder Tremaine Atkinson and Managing Director of Food & Beverage Cassie Levy-Roseroot, and discover how their creative concoctions are a prime example of how mixology is both a science and an art form! 

All in this episode of "Across the Bar," brought to you by the Foodable Network.