These Consumer Trends Are Driving Restaurant Growth and Contraction

These Consumer Trends Are Driving Restaurant Growth and Contraction

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron analyzes Foodable Labs data around two generations that are causing major shakeups in the restaurant industry: Millennials and Generation Z. We look at the frequency of restaurant visits, guest counts, and popular social platforms within these groups to give your concept insights into how to win with this major market segment. 

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Adam Sachs No Longer With Saveur

Adam Sachs No Longer With Saveur

Saveur editor-in-chief Adam Sachs’s tenure at the food magazine is over. The magazine’s publisher, Bonnier Corporation, laid off 70 staff members at offices in California, New York, and Florida, Recode reported Wednesday.

Several worked at Saveur magazine including Saveur digital editor Dan Dao. After news of the layoffs broke, rumors quickly swirled that Sachs was no longer with the company. Sachs confirmed his departure to Grub Street over email but added that he could not comment beyond that.

According to the New York Times, Saveur is reducing its publication schedule to four issues a year. Its editorial department now consists of just six full-time employees.

The news was met with grim reactions, but on Twitter, editor Alex Testere reaffirmed that the magazine was not folding.

“The few of us left are obviously reeling a little bit from losing some of our closest friends and colleagues, but we still have faith that we’ll be able to make Saveur a beautiful quarterly magazine, and also keep up our original digital content,” Testere wrote to Grub Street the day after the news broke. “The layoffs are sad and unfortunate, but I’m personally looking forward to continuing to work with everyone in whatever capacity we can.”

Before taking the top position at Saveur after longtime editor James Oseland, Sachs had a long career as a writer covering food and other subjects. He wrote for publications including GQ, Bon Appétit, and Details, and has won several James Beard Foundation Awards. Sachs was brought on before Saveur’s digital relaunch in 2015.

“Saveur is special,” Sachs said to the New York Times. “I know there’s an audience for the kind of in-depth, smart reporting the magazine has always been known for. The challenge for anyone in this business now is, how do you package and sell the good stuff in a way that’s sustainable?”

Read more about Sachs’ career at Grub Street.

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Foodable Labs Releases List of Most Photographed Restaurants of 2017

Foodable Labs Releases List of Most Photographed Restaurants of 2017
  • Uber Eats is using proprietary data to suggest virtual restaurant ideas to operator partners

  • Uber is dominating the food delivery game and new experiment suggests more to come

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly: Industry Pulse, we're looking at Uber Eats' newest experiment, virtual restaurants

That's right, the tech giant is taking another leap into the restaurant industry. This time, they're using their stores of data from UberEATS to analyze gaps in food offerings in American cities.

For example, Uber saw that a community in Chicago was searching the UberEATS app for fried chicken. But with no fried chicken-focused restaurants in the, area Uber approached one of their operator partners with the information. Knowing that SiPie Pizzeria had the right equipment, Uber proposed the idea of a whole new restaurant focused on fried chicken that is available only through the UberEATS app. The new concept, Si's Chicken Kitchen has since surpassed the original concept in delivery revenue. 

Watch the episode above to learn more about Uber's innovation in the restaurant industry. 

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Check out the Top 10 Happiest Food Cities!

Did you know that 71.2% of top foodie influencers cause others to visit restaurants and bars? Ever wonder which restaurants and cities foodies love the most? Foodable labs analyzed a data set of 7.3 million food influencers to figure out which foodie cities are the happiest. Of those 7.3 million influencers, Foodable Labs looked at those who dine out at least eight times a month and search exclusively for “happy terms.”

Here’s what we found!

  1. San Diego - 91.56
  2. Scottsdale, AZ 91.31
  3. Austin, TX 91.08
  4. Kansas City, KS 90.76
  5. Palo Alto, CA 90.55
  6. Sarasota, FL 90.37
  7. Columbus, OH 89.37
  8. Boulder, CO 89.11
  9. Thousand Oaks, CA 88.62
  10. Portland, ME 88.51

See which restaurants ranked the highest across America at