There’s More Than Meat to the Beef & Pork Experts™

There’s More Than Meat to the Beef & Pork Experts™

A Closer Look at the Trusted Excellence of Tyson Fresh Meats Foodservice

Today’s consumers are increasingly educated about proteins — and with that knowledge comes an increased awareness and interest about where their food comes from.

Questions about menu sourcing have become the norm, and the answer can directly impact your bottom line. Operators are feeling the pressure to find a supplier with the products, expertise and reliability to help them stay competitive.

It’s a challenging atmosphere. For the Tyson Fresh Meats Team, it’s a challenge they embrace.

When Tyson Foods acquired IBP, 2001, forming Tyson Fresh Meats, they also inherited a legacy: nearly 60 years’ experience in the beef and pork industry and a reputation for getting results. Honoring those industry stalwarts, Tyson Fresh Meats has become one of the largest processors of beef and pork.

Today, the Tyson Fresh Meats Team differentiates themselves from the competition with a wide-ranging portfolio, including a direct nod to the history of quality and best-in-class customer service established by their predecessors with the ibp Trusted Excellence® brand.

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