Burger King is the Latest QSR to Serve the Plant-Based Impossible Burger

The plant-based company Impossible Foods has partnered with yet another massive quick-serve chain.

On Monday, Impossible Foods announced that the Impossible Whopper will now be available at 59 Burger King stores in the surrounding area of St. Louis, Missouri.

Since the announcement was made on April Fools, the "burger giant released a hidden-camera-style promo video showing the serving of plant-based Whoppers instead of meat to customers who marvel that they cannot tell the difference," writes "Reuters."

Burger King decided to partner with the plant-based company because the Impossible Burger not only mimics the looks of a traditional beef burger but it is similar in taste.

“We’ve done sort of a blind taste test with our franchisees, with people in the office, with my partners on the executive team, and virtually nobody can tell the difference," said Christopher Finazzo, Burger King’s North America president.

The Impossible Whopper is priced about $1 more than the traditional Whopper.

As we said, Burger King isn't the only fast food burger chain jumping on the plant-based bandwagon by partnering with Impossible Foods.

In April of last year, White Castle started serving the Impossible Slider. After the success of the menu item at 140 test stores, the chain announced that the Impossible Slider would be available nationwide.

Burger King is the first big chain to serve the Impossible Burger with the company’s new recipe. Earlier in the year, Impossible Foods change the recipe so that it is gluten-free. The company decided to switch out the wheat protein for a soy protein concentrate. The new patty also has no animal hormones or antibiotics either, along with less salt.

Learn more about the Impossible Whopper at "Reuters" now.

Veggie-burger companies have been battling it out to capture more of the market share. Impossible Foods' rival Beyond Meat has been more focused on retail, but in January Beyond Meat announced that it would be rolling out its plant-based Beyond Burger at the QSR Carl’s Jr.

Beyond Meat, which recently went public, has more of an expansive product line, which includes "chicken" strips, "beef" crumble, and "sausage"– all made out of plants, non-GMO soy, and pea protein.

We recently sat down with Ethan Brown, the CEO of Beyond Meat to discuss why plant-based foods have become so popular. Listen to the episode of The Barron Report below to see what Brown thinks the future holds for the plant-based market and to learn more about Beyond Meat's role in the movement.