3 Traits To Look For in Your Next GM Hire

3 Traits To Look For in Your Next GM Hire

A common theme that's happening in this industry is there's a shortage on high quality candidates.

The majority of people who are asked why they chose the restaurant industry will say it started out as a side gig or there was nothing else out there for them. When I hear this from a lot of restaurant managers or employees in Los Angeles, it shocks me.

When you ask a restaurant professional what they dislike the most about the industry; often times, they'll say the high-stress environment to low-paying positions aren't worth it these days.

Currently, there's a real BOH staff shortage because most chefs would rather go the personal business route. By opening their own restaurant, chefs get to control the environment and their schedule (even their pay).

When it comes to general management positions, you need to set your restaurant up for success. They will basically be the ones responsible for the success of your restaurant (along with you), so it's important you find the right person for the job.  

There are three traits that are non-negotiable and every successful general manager (GM) will have these. Without these traits, you're setting yourself up for a headache and to work more because you won't trust your GM going forward.

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