Westward Whiskey Provides An Airport Tasting Room Experience At PDX

On this episode of On Foodable Feature, our host Layla Harrison speaks with Thomas Mooney, co-owner and CEO of Westward Whiskey based out of Portland, Oregon.

This craft distillery is the largest on the West Coast and aside from having an oversized, in-house tasting room, it has created the first ever airport tasting room in Portland International Airport (PDX).

“Our tasting room at PDX airport has been a really great addition to our business and a fantastic way to connect with people who love whiskey and travel,” says Mooney.

With 20 million people visiting PDX a year, we can see why an airport tasting room makes sense!

Check out the video above to learn about the two spirits being featured—Westward American Single Malt Whiskey and Westward American Single Malt Oregon Stout Cask!

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