Vancouver Emerges as Portland's Next Foodie Hot Spot

Downtown Vancouver  | Facebook

Downtown Vancouver | Facebook

Less than ten miles from Portland, Vancouver, Washington has recently emerged as one of the Northwest's newest foodie hot spots. Over the last several years, Portland's top chefs and restaurateurs have begun making what is referred to as the "Columbia River crossing," bringing Portland's vibrant food and drink culture to downtown Vancouver.

Well known Portland chef Paul Klitsie, who previously operated the Pearl District's Fratelli restaurant, made the trek over the river less than two years ago, opening Willem's on Main in Vancouver. Following suit, Southwest Portland's Taste of Sichuan opened its second location in Vancouver and Chris and Cindy Reed, of Portland's Screen Door restaurant, recently opened The Grocery Cocktail and Social bar to serve Vancouver residents a number of specialty crafted artisanal cocktails.  

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