Does Glassware Truly Matter?

Does Glassware Truly Matter?

By Courtney Walsh, Foodable Contributor 

There are many elements that go into the “proper” enjoyment of a wine. From the wine’s temperature to the food paired with it, these factors can and often do alter consumers’ experiences and perceptions of the wine they are drinking. Studies have even shown that the type of music playing in a restaurant or retail shop can affect the choices consumers make in both the selection and enjoyment of a wine.  

Yet with so many elements competing to influence the enjoyment of an already complex beverage, it begs the question: how important is the glass from which the wine is consumed?

Experts argue that both the quality and shape of the glass are essential components required to properly enjoy a wine. Bordeaux style glasses are claimed to be the best glasses suited to enjoy heavier bodied wines as the tighter shape of the rim of the glass serves to concentrate aromas and directs the wine onto the palate.  

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