Yelp Shares Spike After Most Recent Quarterly Earnings Report



The popular local-search service and review site Yelp saw a 10 percent jump in its shares after the company reported its latest quarterly earnings and revenue.

The earnings report exceeded Wall Street's expectations.

"The company reported earnings of $0.37 per share on revenue of $243.7 million. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg expected adjusted earnings per share of $0.36 on revenue of $241.2 million for the final three months of 2018," writes "Markets Insider."

This is quite the improvement from last quarter where the company reported earnings results that fell short of expectations, causing Yelp's share to plummet.

Although the company's shares have increased by 12 percent this year, Yelp has struggled to return to its 52-week high in 2018.

The shares are still 26 percent below the 2018 high.

But Yelp is aiming to "exit 2019 with strong revenue growth."

However, the review service is navigating through somewhat of a PR nightmare after SQN Investors LP, one of the largest investors of Yelp, issued a public letter expressing frustration with the company.

The letter says the board of director' "patience has now worn out" after "a history of repeated strategic and operational missteps, missed expectations, sharp guidance revisions, and poor corporate governance that has led to significant stock underperformance."

Yelp was quick to respond saying it welcomes "any ideas and investor input" and that the company is looking for additional Board candidates to "drive" strategy.

Will Yelp be able to overcome this PR challenge? As the market becomes more saturated with crowd-sourced review platforms like Facebook and Google, will Yelp be able to remain the leader in the review and recommendation category?

Read more about Yelp's latest shares spike at "Markets Insider."

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