Top 3 Gin Brands As Ranked by Foodable Labs

Top 3 Gin Brands As Ranked by Foodable Labs

Did you know that the name ‘Gin’ derived from the Dutch drink ‘Jenever’?

Traditional Jenever, or Genever, was originally produced by distilling malt wine and adding juniper berries to mask the unpleasant flavor.

Now, the Gin category is considered one of the broadest since it can be made from any neutral spirit alcohol made from agricultural products like grain (barley, maize, etc.) or molasses.

Currently, there are three defined ways of producing Gin, according to the European Community Regulation 110/2008, which governs spirit drinks

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Bartending Tools for Success With Dave Nepove

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On this On Foodable Side Dish, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Foodable video correspondent Yareli Quintana sits down with Dave Nepove, who is both Director of Mixology for Southern Wine & Spirits of Northern California and the National President for the United States Bartenders' Guild. A self-described “produce pusher,” Nepove says he "turns on light switches for a living," training bartenders who have not been properly trained before, and providing them with the tools for success. How does Nepove execute this? How are bartenders customizing traditional cocktails? What advice does he have for bartender education? And what separates an excellent bartender from just a really good mixologist? Watch the full episode to find out!