Seafood and its Rising Consumption by Millennials

Seafood and its Rising Consumption by Millennials

Today's foodie is looking for more than just a tasty meal, they are health-conscious and want proteins that are nutritious.

Besides being concerned about the nutritional benefits of their food choices, they want to know where the protein is being sourced. Menu items that have been hyper-locally sourced have become particularly popular.

Consumers, especially millennials, are asking about their food before they eat it. They are acutely aware of the impact we now have on our environment, which is causing the sustain movement to build momentum.

Currently, the millennial generation has the greatest buying power in the market. There are more millennials working and earning a living than any other age group. According to data from Kantar Futures, 49 percent of foodies are millennials.

This group is driving the food trends and what do millennials want?

More seafood.

According to our Foodable Labs data, social mentions by brand advocates on seafood menu items are up by 18.4 percent since last July. The overall seafood Sentiment is up 2.4 points from the same time last year.

We have tracked 318,630 total seafood conversations by brand advocates on social over the past year.

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Seafood is the Most Improved Protein Option by Millennials for 2018

Seafood is the Most Improved Protein Option by Millennials for 2018
  • Mentions of Seafood on social has spiked by 24.7% in the last month.

  • Chef Sylva Senat demonstrates how to get creative with Pollock and Rockfish, both sustainable fish options. 

Sourcing protein has become a complex challenge. As an operator, finding the right product for your menu takes time and energy. But you also have to consider what proteins consumers are looking for on menus.

Since there are so many protein and alternative proteins available today, which ones do you make the center of your dishes?

We pulled Foodable Labs data on 11.8 million food influencers to see which proteins they are gravitating to.

Seafood is up 81.3% in consumer mentions year over year, specifically the consumer request for fresh seafood is up 49.5% in the past year. In the last month, mentions of Seafood has spiked by  24.7%, making it the Most Improved protein.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that there continues to be a high demand for quality, fresh seafood.

The seafood industry relies heavily on Alaska’s abundant fisheries.

“The industry catches and processes enough seafood each year to feed everybody in the world at least one serving of Alaska seafood, or one serving for every American for more than a month,” according to Alaska Seafoods’ latest Economic Value Report from September.

Although the seafood market is plentiful, there are still certain fish breeds that remain more popular than others. This can often lead to overfishing, so that’s why Alaska Seafood encourages operators and chefs to consider using fish breeds that may be less known, but that the sea has plenty of.

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