Is Buffalo Wild Wings on the Verge of a Same-Store Sales Recovery for the Third Quarter?

Is Buffalo Wild Wings on the Verge of a Same-Store Sales Recovery for the Third Quarter?

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large

The sport-themed casual dining chain, Buffalo Wild Wings has repeatedly landed in our top 10 Most Loved Brand list, a ranking determined from positive consumer sentiment data pulled from the Restaurant Social Media Index. 

In the most recent ranking for the Q2 of this year, BWW lands at no.4 with an impressive increase from the first quarter.

But in the first quarter of the year, the brand announced that for the first time in six years it experienced a decline in same-store sales. Specifically, the same-store sales declined by 1.7% at corporate-owned locations and 2.4% at franchised restaurants– compared to the same period the year prior. Then in the second quarter, the brand saw another decrease- with a 2.1% drop in company-owned restaurants and 2.6% in franchised stores. 

Previously, when we have seen a major increase in the sentiment score, it will take 30-90 days for this to reflect on the brand’s sales. So although, BWW just had a rough quarter it looks like they are on the road to bouncing back. According to the Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI,) the brand had a 5.44 increase in sentiment score from Q1 to Q2. 

“The RSMI has evolved into a leading indicator or predictive social engine for foodservice brands. Measuring sentiment has been one of the most effective ways to determine when, a brand’s sales could decline. The impact on brands is often 30-90 days after we see sentiment dips or spikes that are significant in the 2-4 point plus range in a month,” said Paul Barron, founder of the RSMI.

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What Makes Starbucks, Subway and Buffalo Wild Wings so Lovable?

What Makes Starbucks, Subway and Buffalo Wild Wings so Lovable?

By Kerri Adams, Managing Editor 

Navigating through today’s digital world continues to become more difficult as more consumers use social media to voice their concerns. A billion-dollar restaurant brand with millions of followers is going to get thousands of opinionated responses from just one social post. As expected, the highly scrutinized digital movements of restaurant brands are going to be equally highly criticized.

So, what brands are the top dogs in this digital space? And how are their consumers perceiving them on social? Through our extensive Restaurant Social Media Index, we have dissected and analyzed the Top 100 Most Loved Restaurant Brands. Our analysis has mined social metrics for roughly 10,800 restaurant entities and 121 million social restaurant consumers. This is important because these consumers contribute to more than 2 billion location-based actions that represent more than 13 billion in industry revenue. From this big data, we were able to determine which restaurant brands are performing the highest -- or, as we like to say, are “the most loved brands.”

A Coffee Giant, Sandwich King, and a Sport’s Bar and Grill Round out the Top Three

It's no surprise that the brand with the leading mobile app is No.1. The Starbucks mobile payment app accounts for 16 percent of the brand’s transactions. The app usage just continues to grow -- totaling 13 million users today. The brand also has been testing mobile ordering in Portland, and announced this month that this will be expanding to three more states: Washington, Idaho and Alaska. And Starbucks did not stop there. They then announced that they would be partnering with Postmates for coffee delivery in NYC and and Seattle.

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And the Winners of the 2014 RIZMY Awards are...

Which brands came out on top this year? They were finally announced yesterday during the 2nd Annual Restaurant Social Media Index Awards ceremony, sponsored by SinglePlatform at the FSTEC NexGen conference in New Orleans. 

To refresh your memory the RIZMYs are not hand-selected. Instead, they are measured by DigitalCoCo’s proprietary Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI), the largest collaborative resource of restaurant industry data in the world. Only the brands with the highest social scores were selected as the winners. 

This year's 10 categories were arranged in groupings. The first being the brand segmented awards, including the QSR Digital Brand of the Year, Fast Casual Digital Brand of the Year, Casual Dining Digital Brand of the Year, and Independent Digital Brand of the Year. The second were the specialty categories, including the Overall Brand in Mobile, Most Loved Brand, Most Influential Brand, and Location-Based Brand, all of which are returning categories from last year. The final categories are based on performance factors, including the awards for Digital Innovator of the Year and Digital Executive Team of the Year. 

All of the 2014 RIZMYs Finalists

All of the 2014 RIZMYs Finalists

So without further ado– DigitalCoCo is proud to announce this year's RIZMY Awards Winners

And the QSR Digital Brand of the Year is... Sonic DriveIn!

After arriving to the social party a little late in 2012-2013, they are certainly making up for lost time! Sonic was a finalist last year, but did not receive a title. However, this favored by millennials brand, won the Digital Brand of the Year in the QSR segment. 

And the Fast Casual Digital Brand of the Year is... Shake Shack!

This fast casual brand returns as a victor this year. Shake Shack was awarded the Most Loved Brand of the Year, last year. This brand is part of the Better Burger segment and is engaging consumers with social to compete with the crowded segment filled with burger joints. 

And the Casual Dining Digital Brand of the Year is... Hard Rock Cafe!

This rather recognizable name did not appear on the finalists last year. This casual dining restaurant has upped the ante in the social space– landing this year's top Casual Dining Digital Brand.

And the Independent Digital Brand of the Year is... AJ Bombers!

This fast casual brand is part of the independent burger boom. Returning from last year, this small operator owned burger joint is taking average of the burger boom, by using social media and is keeping up with the restaurant moguls. 

And the Overall Mobile Brand is...Rubio's!

The fast casual success, Rubio's is spreading all over the West coast. Appearing on the RIZMYs finalists list for the first time this year, the brand lands the Overall Mobile Brand award. 

And both the Overall Most Loved Brand & Digital Executive Team of the Year goes to... Buffalo Wild Wings!

BWW has risen faster than any other brand in platform effectiveness in the past year. After just being a nominee for a RIZMY last year, BWW returns this year for two major wins as the Overall Most Loved Brand and the Digital Executive Team of the Year.

And the Overall Most Influential Brand is...Taco Bell!

After winning two awards last year, The Digital Innovator of the Year and Overall Brand of the Year, this QSR mogul returns this year to win the Overall Most Influential Brand. 

And both the Overall Location-Based Brand & Digital Innovator of the Year goes to... Firehouse Subs!

This leader of innovation social campaigns returns to collect two awards this year proving their skillful digital engagement. 

Congratulations to the winning brands for creating quite a social buzz, that deserves to be recognized! 

Big Data: The Top 5 Most Mobile Restaurant Brands

Big Data: The Top 5 Most Mobile Restaurant Brands

The mobile frontier can be a tricky landscape for brands, especially those that lack a generous marketing budget. SmartBrief recently featured a piece we reported on, listing the Top 5 Most Mobile-Connected brands, which are – not surprisingly – all big brands in the restaurant industry. Now, we're giving our Foodable readers an exclusive straight from our 2013 Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trends Report (which you can pre-order here) on the 5 Most Mobile Brands based on mobile density, sentiment & growth. In other words, these five restaurant brands have the most engaged audience and consumers on social and mobile. The latter is based strictly on a brand's existing social audience, whereas the Top 5 Mobile-Connected Brands rankings are pulled from a larger pool of restaurant consumers. [Note: All hard data has been pulled from our proprietary Restaurant Social Media Index.]

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Buffalo Wild Wings Boosts Location-Based Actions with New App

Photo Credit: Mobile Commerce Daily

Photo Credit: Mobile Commerce Daily

Buffalo Wild Wings is taking location-based actions to a whole new level. Their newest application, called The Big Kick Challenge, will include an augmented reality feature that only works in-store and is aimed at driving consumers to locations during the fantasy football season.

Buffalo Wild Wings was recently nominated for Location Based Brand of the Year, and it's marketing and mobile strategies like this that put them at the top of the list. Read More

Buffalo Wild Wings has been nominated for 3 RIZMY Awards, including Mobile Brand of the Year. The awards ceremony will take place at the First Annual Foodservice Digital Marketing Summit. For more info about the event, click here.