Chef Bill Montagne, 2018 Jean Banchet Award Winner, Brings a Refined & Approachable Cooking Style to Nico Osteria

Chef Bill Montagne, 2018 Jean Banchet Award Winner, Brings a Refined & Approachable Cooking Style to Nico Osteria
  • Award winning chef de cuisine stresses the importance of finding a passionate mentor.

  • Surrounded by great chefs that inspired him, Bill Montagne leads Nico Osteria’s kitchen with passion.

“When I was a kid, I was lucky enough that a couple of my uncles were chefs. We would have family gatherings and my uncles would come over and teach me little tricks...” says Bill Montagne, chef de cuisine of Nico Osteria in Chicago.

Cooking alongside relatives who had worked in restaurants like the Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, Montagne’s passion for cooking began at home.

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Team USA Takes Gold in the Bocuse d'Or for the First Time

The Bocuse d’Or began as a culinary competition that first took place at the 1987 SIRHA Culinary Sector Exhibition and Trade Show to highlight the most promising chefs. Named after famed French chef Paul Bocuse, the 2017 Bocuse d’Or once again brought together the world's best chefs to square off in an intense two-day culinary competition. 

The prestigious Bocuse d'Or competition in Lyon, France, is heated as 24 chefs from around the globe come to test their chops. They have five hours and 35 minutes on the dot to conceptualize their best dishes and bring something new to the table with the ingredients given to the teams the day of the competition. A jury made up of the greatest culinary minds judges what the competitors have cooked up.   

Bocuse d'Or

For the first time in the history of the international culinary competition, the United States took the gold under Chef Matthew Peters. It has been said the Chef Peters trained rigorously under some of the biggest names in the industry. Names like Tomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, and yes, even the son of legendary Paul Bocuse, Jerome Bocuse.  

Congratulations to Chef Matthew Peters for bringing it home to the States!

The Mashed Potato Manifesto: A Lesson from Wolfgang Puck

The Mashed Potato Manifesto: A Lesson from Wolfgang Puck

By Donald Burns, Foodable Industry Expert

The chaotic symphony of a restaurant during service is a melody that only those who work in the industry can truly appreciate. To a chef, the cadence of kitchen language is a familiar friend. “Fire two trout, one ribeye mid-rare for table five!” The order echoes, “Yes Chef, firing two trout, one ribeye mid-rare for table five.” There is something mindful to be learned while working in the restaurant, even when things seem out of control. There are lessons all around us to tap into and appreciate, if we choose to see them.

Some lessons can have a life changing impact on you. One of my greatest lessons I learned came from my time spent as an executive chef for Wolfgang Puck. It was early 2001 and I was recruited to help Wolfgang expand his catering company across the United States after he sold part of it to Compass Group USA.

Wolfgang Puck is an incredible chef and an even more amazing entrepreneur and businessman. The main secret to his restaurant empire success is this – he hires the very best. At that high level of play, errors are few and far between. It is like the difference of going from AAA baseball to the major leagues. The mistakes made in the minor leagues are not as common in the big leagues, especially if you are on a world champion team. Wolfgang's right-hand man was Lee Hefter, a stout chef with a dynamic palate and a passion for excellence. His nickname was “The General,” and for good reason. 

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Kitchen Kreative

In this episode of Food as a Lifestyle, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Chef Adrianne heads to the Ritz-Carlton in Miami Beach for local chef-off event "Kitchen Kreative." Watch the full episode as we follow Team Adrianne throughout the day and experience, firsthand, how much time and work goes into prepping for an event like this – even with an empty kitchen with no utensils!

Ritz-Carlton Brings Ethnic Flavors to South Beach

In this episode of Table 42, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we’re indulging at the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach’s Dilido Beach Club. In the kitchen, Chef Andres Meraz walks us through some of his favorite dishes, most of which he infuses with a Latin and Mexican twist. From the menu’s well-thought-out ingredients and beautiful presentation to the venue’s relaxing beachside view and ambiance, the Ritz-Carlton is bringing both flavor and luxury to the beach.