Grown Kitchen Uses Cross Utilization to Make Organic Food Fast

Grown Kitchen Uses Cross Utilization to Make Organic Food Fast
  • Grown’s Shannon Allen stops into Foodable to talk cross utilization and healthy, organic fast food.

  • The Mediterranean Vibe can be made into a salad, sandwich or wrap, making these dishes fast and cost effective.

What's your vibe? Today on our Smart Kitchen set we welcome grown-woman (Founder of Grown), Shannon Allen. Grown is a truly healthy fast food restaurant. Everything in their restaurants is organic and every meal is available for order through their drive-through windows.

Their restaurant is a little different, and not just because of the nutritional information. Grown offers food in accordance with it's "vibes." You can get a salad, a sandwich, or a wrap in one of many "vibes" which are essentially different flavor profiles. And these vibes are just one of the secrets allowing Grown to offer such high-quality meals in less than 4 minutes. On today's episode, Shannon shows us the Mediterranean vibe and all the delicious, organic ingredients that go into it, while discussing her mission with Paul. 

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Give Customers What They Want With These Clean-Label Dessert Recipes

Give Customers What They Want With These Clean-Label Dessert Recipes

Welcome to Foodable’s Smart Kitchen where chefs share innovative ideas around the challenges you work with every day. In this episode, Agnes and Chef Adrianne are cleaning up your customers' favorite desserts.

Customers are demanding clean ingredients and transparency in everything they eat from entrees to indulgent desserts. Many concepts are taking, cheesecake, a classic customer favorite, and adding fruit flavors to take the traditional plate to the next level. But while apple and cheesecake are a winning pair, ensuring consistent quality and flavor can be a strife for multi-unit operators. In this episode, see how Chef Adrianne makes adding fresh and clean fruit flavors to your dessert menu easy and cost-efficient.

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Food Labeling: Why You Need To Pay Attention To The Clean Label Movement

Food Labeling: Why You Need To Pay Attention To The Clean Label Movement
  • According to Simply Lyons, 58% of consumers read the ingredient list and 72% of consumers say they prefer ingredients they can recognize.

  • Papa John’s is spending $100 million to remove artificial ingredients from its menu, according to Simply Lyons.

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly: Industry Pulse, we’re taking a closer look at the history behind the ‘Clean Label’ consumer movement, which demands a “return to real food and transparency through authenticity,” according to Go Clean Label™. As identified by Foodable Labs, this is important because food transparency, health, and wellness are key factors to restaurant success now and in the coming years.

To learn more about what that exactly means for farmers, suppliers, retailers, and restaurants, be sure to watch the video above. If you’d like more information about the Clean Label movement, visit the Go Clean Label™ website.

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How The Organic Coup is Cleaning Fast Food, One Chicken at a Time

While some consumers may believe fast food is a fast track to unhealthy eating, The Organic Coup hatched a new idea when it comes to chicken. This brand became the first USDA certified organic fast food restaurant, confirmed by their certifying agency, CCOF.

"We were shocked to find out we were first," founder Erica Welton said.

This concept was inspired by the team's years of working at Costco Wholesale, and the push for social change in foodservice became the foundation of the business. The name began as a typo for the word "coop," but "coup" was also fitting: coup is defined as a takeover, and that's exactly what this restaurant is doing — taking over the fast food industry with a new, organic attitude, proving that fast food has the potential to be good food.

"We want to serve the highest-quality product at a fair price," Welton said. "I'm also a mom of two young boys. [I'm] very passionate about what goes into my kids' food. Chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and as a food buyer for Costco, learning more and more about what is getting put into our food — it was scary."

The Menu

Organic efforts could become complex, but The Organic Coup's operation is simple.

"We are not going to be a restaurant that has 50 items on the menu," Welton said.

The Coup Signature Sandwich is made up of chicken sourced locally from Mary's Free Range Organic Air-Chilled Chicken. The breasts are soaked in buttermilk, hand-breaded, and fried in coconut oil — honestly, the most expensive oil they could choose, but it is low in cholesterol and high in vitamin A. The menu also consists of a wrap and a bowl, and all buns are toasted and wraps are steamed to order. 

The restaurant also offers unique sauces, from spicy BBQ ranch, sesame ginger, mustard Vinaigrette, and more. Guests with a sweet tooth can also nibble on their organic popcorn, drizzled in caramel and with either white or dark chocolate. 

The Philosophy

More than about making fast food good food, The Organic Coup is about being good to the environment, too. Their chicken is air-chilled, a tactic used in Europe and Canada. Unlike the water chlorine bath method used in the United States, air-chilled facilities save 30,000 gallons of water every day.

The tables at the restaurant also have a touch of sustainability, as they are made from reclaimed wood (and were even built by Welton's father. All the restaurant's cleaning supplies and pest control are also organic certified. And to continue the education of their staff, The Organic Coup has a wall dedicated to going back to the basics, emphasizing the importance of non-GMO and hormone use.

"You know, I think it's very difficult to cheat Mother Nature, and in the end, there is always a price to pay. To disrupt such an old mentality on the way food was being brought to people just seemed like a lot of fun," Welton said.

Power to the chicken! Want to learn more about how this restaurant is rewriting fast food? Watch the full episode now.