Bartenders: The Do's And Don'ts With Using Snapchat To Promote Your Craft

Bartenders: The Do's And Don'ts With Using Snapchat To Promote Your Craft

Bartenders can help promote their craft by using Snapchat, but there are a few steps to follow. While it’s a great way to reach a larger audience, there are some important aspects you should keep in mind. We spoke to some pros in the business to give us some valuale tips on using this social media platform to the fullest.

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Slow & Low Is On the Go with Rock and Rye Canned Cocktail

Slow & Low Is On the Go with Rock and Rye Canned Cocktail

The Cooper Spirits Company has released their Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock and Rye, previously available in a 750 ml bottle and 375 ml flask, in a 100 ml can. As easy as serving a beer, popping the top on a Slow & Low will help deliver immediate satisfaction to the customer and carve off prep time for employees behind the bar.

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Beaker & Gray Amps Up Crafted Cocktails in Wynwood

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Video Produced by Vanessa C. Rodriguez

In Miami’s already world-renowned, artsy neighborhood of Wynwood, one can find Beaker & Gray, an 110-seat eatery located at the popular avenue of North Miami, which serves thoughtfully crafted cocktails using high-quality spirits.

In this episode of "Across The Bar," host Paul Barron has a chance to chat and learn from the man at the helm, manager Ben Potts, an investment banker turned bartender. After getting tired of his office job where he barely had the chance to interact with people, even going as far as calling it a “miserable lifestyle,” he decided he wanted to live a life more than long hours crunching numbers.

After reconnecting with his childhood friend and now business partner, Executive Chef Brian Nasajon, together they opened and own Beaker & Gray, which soft opened around this time last year before Art Basel 2015 began.

Potts got his start at Purdy Lounge in Miami Beach about eight years ago. Then he spent some time working at Blackbird Ordinary in Brickell (downtown Miami) and The Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami in Miami Beach.

Cocktail No. 1: The Halliwell

The Halliwell is the most popular cocktail on the menu. Potts alludes that may be due to the combination of the hot Miami weather and freshness of the vodka. Another contributing factor may be that the drink is the first listed on the Shaken menu. The ingredients are Stolichnaya Vodka, Cocchi Americano Rosa, ginger, strawberry, lemon, and mint. To prepare it, you start by muddling fresh strawberries and mint in the mixing tin, add the rest of the liquid ingredients, and then shake it up, strain it, and pour it over crushed ice.

Cocktail No. 2: The Re-Pete

The Re-Pete is actually Potts’ personal favorite drink. It’s inspired by a tiki drink called The Jungle Bird, but this one is made with Avua Cachaça aged in amburana (local Brazilian wood) casts that give the spirit a smoky flavor profile. This was the drink that our host, Paul Barron, had a chance to recreate. The ingredients are Avua Amburana-Aged Cachaça, Campari, pineapple, lime, and grated cinnamon.

Cocktail No. 3: The Inside Outside In

Lastly, Potts shared with us his most unique drink on the menu called The Inside Outside In. The base spirit is a Venezuelan dark rum called Santa Teresa Gran Reserva. He also uses Luxardo Maraschino, a sweet liqueur with herbal nutty flavors from Italy, Madeira, Angostura Bitters. After all the ingredients are combined, the mix is vacuum sealed with pineapple and crushed spices (cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, and cloves) to be left sitting for two hours.

“Once that infusion has taken place, cut the bag open. Pour out the spirit. Save the pineapple,” Potts suggested.

To serve the cocktail, he uses an absinthe rinsed cordial glass where he pours the spirit after it’s been stirred over ice with a side of cocktail infused pineapples.

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Quick Six With...Cocktail Chief and 'Gifted Booze-Slinger,' Will Thompson

Quick Six With...Cocktail Chief and 'Gifted Booze-Slinger,' Will Thompson

By Mae Velasco, Custom Content Editor

As Miami Food Pug put it best, when you slide across the bar from Will Thompson, you get more than a transaction — you get an experience. And this mix master certainly mixes it up. After quenching the tastes of those thirsting for creative crafted cocktails at the Broken Shaker and Ball & Chain, this summer season, Thompson has shaken up the menu at The Local Craft Food & Drink for libations filled with local fruit, spices, and herbs.

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That's Amari: Italian Herbal Liqueurs



Guests who are seeking a not-your-average, everyday cocktail will fall in love with voli dei Amari, or flights of Amari at Chef Joe Cicala's Brigantessa on Passyunk Avenue.

Not only is it delicious, it's surprisingly good for you. Digestivi, known collectively as Amari or singularly as Amaro, are Italian herbal liqueurs that can aid the digestive process. Visitors sipping on this beverage can soothe their stomachs after overeating, and can make a huge meal they've consumed go down a little easier as the perfect post-dinner drink.

Brigantessa offers 21 rare Amari, all hailing from different regions of Italy and ranging in bitterness and sweetness. They also offer some from Switzerland and beyond. 

"The beautiful thing and the challenging thing about Amari is that no two are alike," Paul Dellevigne, Brigantessa cocktail creator, said. "If someone is a novice to Amaro, we usually steer them toward the medium, the Nazionale, because it tends to be sweeter with hints of chocolate and minty peppermint. We like to tell people that Amaro is like the most pleasant Jägermeister they have never had before." Read More