Artisan Wine And Beverage Trends

Artisan Wine And Beverage Trends

Your beverage program can make or break your business. A well-run program can grow profits, as well as subsidize other initiatives within your operation that may be more costly. And yet, many bar programs are still underdeveloped. What does it take to elevate your program to the next level? Foodable gathered top beverage minds to discuss what makes a bar program great.

Success in this business comes down to the value you provide for your customers. Defined by the quality you provide for the price you charge, there are many ways to provide and build upon value.

The first thing Dan Pilkey of Paul Hobbs Winery reminds operators is that a beverage program can’t be contained in a rigid box. The lines between beverage and culinary can, and should, blur. At the very base, you need to provide the basics your customers can fall back on, but you should really strive to go beyond that.

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The Rise of Specialty Gin and Tonics

The Rise of Specialty Gin and Tonics

By Natalie Migliarini, Foodable Contributor

In recent years, the classic cocktail trend of the gin and tonic has been on the rise.  It is a simple drink that can be made at home or consistently made at any bar around the world.  Not only are bartenders embracing these trends but they are also responding by offering gin and tonic menus.  

These menus are laced with specialty and house made tonics and a wide variety of gins.  This allows guest to customize their gin and tonics by mixing and matching the gin and tonics based on their preferences, as well as bartender-made specialty gin and tonic cocktails.

The Winslow, NYC

This East Village bar and eatery is inspired by British public houses.  This bar offers guests the opportunity to customize their gin and tonic cocktail based on their flavor preferences.  They showcase four specialty tonics including Q-Tonic, Fentimans, Fevertree, and a house made tonic. Guests can choose one of the above tonics to pair with their choice of nine different gins from around the world.  These nine gins have tasting notes that help guests decide what flavor profile they would like to drink.  

Some of these include:

  • Spring 44 Gin: Mid palate of cinnamon with a finish of lavender from Colorado

  • Brooklyn Gin: A citrus heavy, elegant gin with notes of mellow juniper and rosemary

  • Bull Dog Gin: Coriander, juniper with subtle citrus make this British gin unique

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Oak Tavern — Uniquely Constructed Cocktails With Historical Roots

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In this episode of Across the Bar, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we bring you to Oak Tavern in Miami. Host Paul Barron speaks with the kick-ass bartender, Megan Bardoe about how some of the cocktail creations were inspired by history, including their take on a mescal old fashioned, the Kumbaya made with zignum mescal reposado and a flamed orange peel as a garnish. Watch the full episode to hear the back story behind the Black Gold, a uniquely constructed cocktail and the October 2014 winner of the NYC Barenjager National Cocktail Competition.