"Top Dish" Round Two: Vancouver's Cinara

"Top Dish" Round Two: Vancouver's Cinara

Which restaurant reigns supreme? Find out in "Top Dish," a multi-part mini-series where the top three Canadian restaurants go head-to-head for the title of best dish. Restaurants and their chefs, one in Montreal, one in Vancouver, and one in Toronto, will fire up their pans and show off why their talent, style, and concept make them No. 1.

How It's Scored

The scoring system for "Top Dish" begins by determining the top restaurant in each city through our proprietary Foodable Labs data, but to shake things up, we've enlisted the top local food influencers to put their taste buds to the test as critics. Each critic's responsibility is to taste the chef's featured dish (sign us up!) and give a serving of the truth — what is their honest, on-camera critique? (Not in front of the chefs, of course. Unless they're watching this now...)

Our critics are asked to privately rate different elements of the dish and experience to determine an overall score. The overall scores for each restaurant are revealed at the end of "Top Dish." But what goes behind each of the scores? Three things: the critic's scorecard (which includes selection, tableware, plating, ingredients, and more on a scale of 1 to 10), food sentiment score, and service sentiment score, the latter two tracked by Foodable Labs. In total, the highest score a restaurant can earn is 270 points.

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Five Restaurants Represent Miami in New Bravo Hit "Best New Restaurant"

Miami restaurant Tongue & Cheek in Episode 5: Battle of the Burger  | Bravo.com

Miami restaurant Tongue & Cheek in Episode 5: Battle of the Burger | Bravo.com

Cooking competitions on television seem to follow the same pattern: highly qualified and confident chefs are pressured by a ticking clock and have wrenches thrown in their recipe arsenals when odd ingredients are thrown into the mix. It's challenging. It's nerve-wracking. It's nail-biting drama.

But above all, it's predictably bland. Luckily, Bravo has been spicing up the cooking competition formula with its hit series, "Best New Restaurant." It's not about individual chefs competing for a cook-hat crown. Since its premiere in January, viewers instead have enjoyed watching entire restaurants -- from the chefs to the servers -- being pitted against one another for the ultimate title. The rounds don't take place in a prim and proper TV studio, either. They take place at the actual restaurant location, where competitors will literally have to get out of the kitchen if they can't take the heat.

Out of the 16 contestants, five are representing Miami and showing the nation why the Sunshine State will shine the brightest in this competition.

The five Miami-Dade restaurants are: Dolce Italian, heralded for its authentic Italian menu; The Federal, a popular high-end comfort food and shared-plate joint; R House, hailed for its modern, global taste; Tongue & Cheek, known for its Contemporary American cuisine; and Buns & Buns, a fast casual with a pinch of fine dining. Most of these are regulars on the Foodable Miami Top 25 restaurant list. Since the airing of the show, the social scores of The Federal and Prime Italian have climbed ranking the restaurants in the top three. 

There are challenges where 30 diners were dropped off at each restaurant, while others had undercover guests trying to catch customer service slip-ups. The winner will receive $100,000, a feature in Bon Appétit Magazine and a coveted spot in the Vegas Uncork'd Food Festival. Show your support and watch to see if any of our local restaurants make it to the top. Read More