Zume Pizza is Aiming to License Their High-Tech Delivery Trucks to Other Restaurants

Zume Pizza is Aiming to License Their High-Tech Delivery Trucks to Other Restaurants

What’s better than fresh food delivered to your door? Fresh food that was made while on its way to your door.

At least that’s what Mountain View’s Zume Pizza thinks. This startup has dozens of patents on the baked-on-the-way method they’ve been cultivating since 2016. Zume Pizza delivery trucks are also equipped with robots to make the pies.

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Two Boots Kicks Up Fast Casual Pizza With Quirky, Cajun Flair

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The fast casual pizza sector has been taking a slice of the industry. With more than 80 unique, Chipotle-line-service-style concepts emerging in the business, how can a brand stand out? In this episode of "Fast Casual Nation," we visit Two Boots in Nashville and chat with the two big cheeses, Phil Hartman, owner and co-founder, and Sam Boyer, manager of the Nashville location, to see how they set themselves apart. 

All in the Name: Why Two Boots?

Today, Two Boots may be comprised of 16 locations across New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and beyond, but its creation began humbly in the Lower East Side of the Big Apple. Hartman and his business partner opened the first Cajun restaurant in Manhattan. As successful as it was, it was what he called a "Wild West Show" — too crazy. Looking to provide a laid-back but enjoyable dining experience, they came up with a idea where two culinary concepts collided. 

"We took the Cajun cooking and combined it with pizza and beer, which we really loved. We're called Two Boots because everyone knows Italy is shaped like a boot, but Louisiana, if you're in the right condition when you look at the map, also looks like a boot. Like an old work boot. That's our 'Two Boots,'" Hartman said. "We combined Italy and Louisiana...the two best cuisines in the world, as far as we're concerned." 

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Whole Pie, Whole Experience: What Keeps Two Boots Two Steps Ahead

While most fast casual pizza brands are all about the personal pizza, Two Boots does not focus on customization as much as it does the "whole pizza pie" experience. The brand comes up with unique and quirky combinations, like Hattie B's medium-level heat chicken with housemade ricotta cheese, or the "V for Vegan" pizza, featuring red pepper and basil pesto. All pizzas have a cornmeal crust, which offer a different, white-gold texture and a nutty crunch.

Like their interesting flavors, the pizzas are named after just-as-interesting icons. But why does Two Boots take this approach?

Hartman believes it's not a true pizza-eating experience if a group of friends aren't sharing a single pie. And Nashville Manager Sam Boyer had his views on offering a few creative pizzas as opposed to complete customer customization.

"I don't know, it takes away from the experience, I think, And it can also be kind of disastrous when you give folks a big menu," Boyer said. "There's something to be said about having professionals who tinker with the pizzas, who spend hours tasting it...coming up with the optimal ingredients for it and the toppings."

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Pizzeria Locale sets its sights on expansion

Pizzeria Locale  | Yelp, Loren K.

Pizzeria Locale | Yelp, Loren K.

Denver based fast casual restaurant Pizzeria Locale opened its first location four years ago with the goal of serving traditional Neapolitan-style pizza.  The innovative restaurant found immediate success, prompting Thrillist just last month to declare the restaurant as poised at becoming the next Chipotle.  And it seems Chipotle agrees with Thrillist's assessment as the fast-casual giant is the pizzeria's largest investor. 

While Pizzeria Locale is still currently only operating in the Denver area, nationwide expansion seems imminent, with plans already underway for a location to open this summer in Kansas City.  

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Could Denver be the City Where the Next Fast Casual Pizza Concept Takes off?

Maiale Pizza from Pizzeria Locale in Denver  | YELP, Jelle L. 

Maiale Pizza from Pizzeria Locale in Denver | YELP, Jelle L. 

The industry giant Chipotle opened it's first fast casual pizza chain, Pizzeria Locale in Denver less than a year ago. And now the second Pizzeria Locale, also in Denver opened last week. And apparently, the chain is growing faster than when burrito chain, Chipotle first started. 

Consumers seemed to be diggin' the pizza restaurant, that is modeled after Chipotle. Similarly, to the create-your-own burrito concept, this restaurant offers an array of ingredients to create your dream pizza and then the pie is placed in an oven built to cook the pies in just 2 minutes.

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