Move Over Amazon and Blue Apron, Chick-fil-A to Roll Out Meal-Kits in August

Move Over Amazon and Blue Apron, Chick-fil-A to Roll Out Meal-Kits in August

A few years ago, investors saw a lot of potential in the meal-kit market. But it appears to have been short-lived. 

This year, most of these companies are seeing a slump and we have seen many casualties. For example, Chef'd closed last week. Blue Apron saw a lukewarm IPO. Home Chef was recently acquired and grocery chains, like Albertson's which bought Plated, are investing in these companies to offer additional meal options to compete with Amazon. 

 "If you look across the [consumer packaged goods] landscape, there's a really proven model of [companies] focusing on manufacturing, branding, and convincing people to buy, and companies that are good at distribution," said Rich DeNardis, Home Chef Chief Revenue Officer.

Even though we are seeing meal-kit companies struggle in the market, that is still not stopping the beloved QSR giant Chick-fil-A from jumping on the cook-at-home bandwagon. 

Starting August 27, customers in Atlanta (where the company is headquartered) can buy two-person meal kits for less than $16 each. 

After surveying its customers, Chick-fil-A found out that their target demographic cooks at home often and usually picks chicken as their protein. 

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Wendy’s Drops Hip-Hop Mixtape and it's Already Topping the Charts

Wendy’s Drops Hip-Hop Mixtape and it's Already Topping the Charts

Wendy’s is at it again. The fast food chain is taking its roasting skills to the next level.

Over the weekend, Wendy’s dropped a hip-hop mixtape called “We Beefin’” that has five songs that unabashedly put its competitors on blast, while highlighting what makes the chain stand out.

The creative marketing agency for the chain, Agent of Record calls the mixtape “Wendy’s enthronement of itself at the top of the fast food industry in the face of competitors.”

Here are some of the lines calling out some of the other restaurant chains in the business—

  • “Why yo’ ice cream machine always broke? Why yo’ drive thru always slow?” raps the female MC on the track “Rest in Grease” referring some of McDonald’s common complaints.
  • “BK? Don’t think that you got away. You copied my old menu and put it out on replay,” says the MC in the track “Holding It Down.”

Wendy’s continues to receive attention for its sassy and shameless social voice.

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Celebs Vs. Wendy's, Alyssa Milano and Others Slam the Fast Food Chain for Farmworker Controversy 

Celebs Vs. Wendy's, Alyssa Milano and Others Slam the Fast Food Chain for Farmworker Controversy 

Wendy’s sassy social media voice hasn’t been strong enough to combat the star power going after the fast food giant. 

For the last few months, Wendy’s has received backlash for not joining the Coalition of Immokalee Workers‘ Fair Food Program, a “partnership among farmers, farmworkers, and retail food companies that ensures humane wages and working conditions for the workers who pick fruits and vegetables on participating farms.” 

The program helps to protect the workers from sexual abuse and harassment. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut have agreed to participate in the program. 

The criticism of Wendy’s started when it stopped buying its tomatoes from Florida around the time that the Fair Food Program was implemented in the state. The fast food chain then started to buy its tomatoes from Mexico. 

Wendy’s has repeatedly said that the switch to Mexico was due to the tomato quality being superior in Mexico during the winter.

“Our tomato purchasing moves seasonally throughout various growing regions of North America during the year. In the warmer months, we purchase tomatoes from states like California, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. In the colder months, we purchase tomatoes primarily from Mexico, which is what we have done for the past few years. In the past we purchased winter tomatoes from Florida, and we may do so again in the future. But right now, we are quite happy with the quality and taste of the tomatoes we are sourcing from Mexico,” writes Liliana Esposito, Wendy’s Chief Communication Officer in a blog post explaining the matter. 

Wendy’s claims that the CLW is “exploiting” the #MeToo movement to collect more fees from large companies. 

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Shannon Allen is Changing Fast Food with Grown's All-Organic Menu

Shannon Allen is Changing Fast Food with Grown's All-Organic Menu

Shannon Allen grew up working in restaurants and in her Father's garden.  Food was always part of her life but when she met her husband Ray Allen, Shannon quickly realized how important the right food is to his success on the basketball court.  That's when her education in nutrition and healthy organic eating really began.  When her son, Walker, was diagnosed with type one diabetes Shannon struggled to meet his needs while constantly on the go - Grown was born.  Seeing the needs of the many, Grown provides healthy organic fast food with the convenience of a drive-thru.  As an Emerging Brand, Grown is breaking the norms of the restaurant business by creating a new approach for an entirely new type of consumer.  Watch the episode for more and download Foodable Labs' Emerging Brands Report

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KFC's Loyalty Program Gets Hacked

The fast food mogul, KFC issued a mass email last week to the 1.2 million members in their loyalty program in the U.K.

The brand instructed their members in this email to change their passwords after announcing that the restaurant chain’s website was hacked.

Since the brand also instructed its loyal fans to change their passwords on other services, it has been assumed that the hackers have access to Colonel’s Club database of email addresses.

“Our monitoring systems have found a small number of Colonel’s Club accounts may have been compromised as a result of our website being targeted. Whilst it’s unlikely you have been impacted, we advise that you change your password as a precaution. If you use the same email address and password across other service, you should also reset them, just to be safe,” wrote KFC in an email to Colonel’s Club members.

Luckily, billing information is not stored on the user’s profile so hackers were not able to access financial information.

“We take the online security of our fans very seriously, so we’ve advised all Colonel’s Club members to change their passwords as a precaution, despite only a small number of accounts being directly affected. We don’t store credit card details as part of our Colonel’s Club rewards scheme, so no financial data was compromised,” said KFC in a statement to TechCrunch.

KFC tried to reassure users that they had “introduced additional security measures” in attempt to better protect their loyal customers’ information from being hacked in the future.  

How so?

“As a result of automated software attempting to guess Colonel’s Club members’ passwords, we have implemented changes to our back end and front end systems. One thing customers may notice is the addition of reCAPTCHA on the website, which is used to distinguish between human and software login attempts,” said KFC in a statement to TechCrunch.

Although the brand has reported that only 30 accounts were compromised, the hack is not going over well with their customers.

“If a company is recording our personal information in a database for whatever reason, they have a responsibility to protect it no matter the cost — and KFC has clearly failed to do so,” wrote Josh Levenson for TNW.

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