Tech Apps That Make an Operator's Job Easier

For years now, the National Restaurant Association has been showcasing the top technologies for the foodservice industry at their annual NRA Show in Chicago.

There is an entire pavilion dedicated to introducing show-goers to the newest and most innovative technology hardware and software for the industry.

Bill Bender, Foodable’s resident operations expert and show host, scoured the aisles to find some tech companies that are really changing the game. Watch the video above to learn about them!


We all know repeat customers are one of the greatest points of profit. But how do you successfully increase loyalty with your customers? Loyaltyplant is making it easy for even small businesses to create an app for their restaurant and begin a rewards program. Aimed at improving customer experience, Loyaltyplant is using polished platforms to impress your users and give them incentives to keep coming back.


Andres Ramirez, a sales development representative from ReviewTrackers shared a little anecdote about how their company is improving their customer service by stepping into their shoes.

“One of the quick exercises they had us do when they hired us was to have us track 30 locations for two weeks. It took me 17 hours for those 2 weeks. It was an awful, awful, awful 2 weeks,” said Ramirez.

In an effort to make online customer interaction easier for companies, ReviewTrackers built their dashboard. It pulls all reviews from all sorts of different platforms and puts them all in one place, allowing operators to respond quickly and efficiently. 


For those looking for another big time saver, Orderly helps to make tendious task of data-entry much easier.

With the multitudes of inventory shipments a restaurant takes in every week, it can be easy to lose track of some things. Orderly is a mobile and desktop application that allows restaurants to simply take a picture of the receipts that come with their shipments and it instantly adds it into their inventory tracking systems. It is easily updated as inventory checks are completed.

The software can also track how much you pay for certain items, month to month. Orderly is introducing a new feature in which restaurants can track how much they are paying for certain items in comparison to other restaurants in the area, helping you get an idea if you are really getting the best price.

The Leadership Cookbook: The Real Potential of Inventory Management

Strapped for cash? Look on your shelves.

More often than not, I see money sitting in inventory instead of in the bank, available for payroll, repair and maintenance, or imagine: staff training. Another miss? Please don’t pretend that inventory in and of itself is a control system. It’s not. At best, counting inventory provides us nothing more than an asset count. There’s no control whatsoever in taking inventory as a stand-alone endeavor.

On the other hand, actually managing inventory is one of the most potent steps we can take -- with one restaurant or one hundred. In this chapter, we’ll see how managing purchases against a budget, rolling inventory actively, and tracking yield and waste is a strong key to bottom-line performance. From here, we can also teach team members tangible fiscal line-item management.

In this chapter, my focus is to share with you a quick overview and opportunity in Food Inventory Management. Beverage management has strong similarities. And it’s unique enough to deserve its own chapter. So, keep reading!