Food Tech and Incubators Are All The Rage

Food Tech and Incubators Are All The Rage
  • Food technology is creating a space for more brands and restaurants to become innovative in how they meet consumer demand.

  • Being innovative means being able to understand your consumers’ needs and providing a unique solution.

Food technology has had one of the largest impacts on the foodservice industry since social media.

In this episode, Host Bill Bender unpacks with the panelists what exactly innovation in the foodservice industry means and how it can either improve or hamper the growth of the industry.

Is this a fad or a complete shift in the model of how food innovation will occur in the future? Take a listen for more insights on how technology is innovating how we meet consumers’ needs.

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Red Robin on Best Practices for Restaurant Takeout and Catering Differentiation

Red Robin on Best Practices for Restaurant Takeout and Catering Differentiation
  • Erle Dardick and Valerie Killifer explore takeout and catering as two separate "channels" in your restaurant make-up.  These "channels" need to have different strategies to work effectively. 

  • Trudy Jones, Director of Alternative Platforms for Red Robin, explains the different elements to consider when taking on takeout and catering channels in your restaurant. 

Takeout and catering are completely different businesses, and the secret to making them work successfully is in the design of different consumer solutions for each channel, including unique transaction workflow, menus and product selection, packaging, centralized services, and workflow — and each have entirely different strategies. In this episode of The Takeout, Delivery, and Catering Show we speak with Trudy Jones - Director of Alternative Platforms for Red Robin, to explore the different elements required for takeout and catering, and why each one is important for delivering a brand experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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Foodable's Annual Restaurant Technology Guide — the Inside Scoop on the Best Foodservice Tech Solutions

If you're hungry for food for thought, you'll get more than a "byte" with our latest interactive guide. Having trouble deciding on the best way to manage your team's schedules? Keeping track of ordering and receiving? Monitoring your inventory?  Or are you looking for the best LCDs for your menu boards, or maybe even a new POS system to cut down time customers crowd at the till?

Look no further than Foodable's annual Restaurant Technology Guide, brought to you by Zenreach.

 There's no doubt that technology is transforming the restaurant industry, from the way brands and operators handle their day-to-day tasks to changing consumer expectations on customer service and the dining experience. How can we keep up with the fast-paced, one-click speed of foodservice? How do we bridge the gap between tech-savvy guests and tech-savvy brands?

Through Foodable's interactive Restaurant Technology Guide, which also comes with a free, downloadable report that shares even more insights and data, we feature the best products and companies that have elevated the industry. More importantly, the ones that can revolutionize you and your restaurant. Based on data analyzed by Foodable Labs, these brands were ranked on a 300-point system, scored on the following metrics: operator sentiment, brand perception, and engagement.

About the Report

The annual Restaurant Technology Guide is powered by the industry's largest foodservice- and chef-focused social data analysis platform, the Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI), and Foodable Labs. Foodable Labs, through the RSMI, analyzes more than 167K restaurant and hospitality brands, 200K chefs, and over 220MM global restaurant consumers across 500K foodservice locations.

In this free report, along with access to our interactive guide, you will discover:

  • 2017 Restaurant Technology Predictions
  • Top 100 Restaurant Technology Companies Ranking
  • Editors' Choice Awards for the following categories: Social Media, Point of Sale, Online Services, Digital Signage, Marketing Solutions, Guest-Facing Tech, Back-Office Software, and Mobile
  • Top 10 Guest-Facing and Tabletop Tech Ranking
  • Top 10 Digital Marketing Solutions Ranking
  • Top 6 Back-Office Tech Ranking
  • Top 6 Pos Options Ranking
  • Best practices on making Wi-Fi work for your restaurant
  • Millennial trends on digitally-enhanced dining
  • And more!

The Tech-Savvy Attempt to Provide Solutions for Foodservice Challenges at Food+Tech Connect's Hackathon

Food+Tech Connect Founder Danielle Gould  | Credit: Jonathan Zhou/Epoch Times

Food+Tech Connect Founder Danielle Gould | Credit: Jonathan Zhou/Epoch Times

Food + Tech Connect recently held its Hack//Dining hackathon in New York City. For those not familiar with hackathons, they are essentially a gathering of programmers, designers and UX designers to create solutions through technology to solve problems — in this case, for the food industry. The “problems” were laid out by four major brands — Chipotle, Google, Applegate, and Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group —  and included challenges like: how to make QSRs operate in a more environmentally sustainable way using technology (Chipotle) and how to make it easier for restaurants to stay on top of food safety regulations (Batali & Bastianich). 

With about 200 Hack//Dining participants, it’s interesting to see what types of tech solutions were created by people on the other side of the kitchen — those who aren’t necessarily in restaurant trade, but actual users. And what manifested could potentially become part of the future of dining. The tech-savvy group came out with a slew of things, ranging from a potential product measuring real-time nutrition (With so many different sizes and topping options, general nutritional facts become inaccurate. What if there was a device to weigh your Chipotle burrito and give exact nutritional facts, in real time, while it was going down the line?) to an app called Kitchen Check, which the creators described as a “Turbo Tax for passing food safety inspections.” Read More

Executive Insight Series — The Future of Technology in Foodservice with Rob Grimes

In this On Foodable Executive Insight Series, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we are speaking with Rob Grimes, CEO & President at IFBTA, at the NRA Show in Chicago. Watch the full episode to gain a deeper understanding of how technology in restaurant operations is moving away from a hardware mentality into a softer one, and what new technologies operators should be aware of moving forward. Grimes and Barron also talk about weeding out tech fads from trends, and offer their opinions on the future of mobile payments.