How This LA Grab-and-Go Concept Plans to Bring Healthy Food to Every Table

How This LA Grab-and-Go Concept Plans to Bring Healthy Food to Every Table

Not every brand is for everyone. Even though menu items catering to those with dietary restrictions like gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan have become more common, it still isn’t easy to find a menu that meets everyone’s dietary needs.

Often the restaurants that do offer these options can be pricy, especially for families. Not to mention, healthy grab-and-go concepts are hard to come by. Juices are often $9 a pop and salads can be $12+ at most fast casual restaurants.

Enter Everytable, the Cali-based brand with four stores near the LA area providing healthy, yet affordable prepackaged meals to the local market. Each Everytable store is priced according to their specific neighborhoods and the local demographic. 

We sat down with Everytable’s co-founders Sam Polk and David Foster to learn why they started this unique concept, how it is standing out, and how they can offer a price-point that significantly below other restaurant brands. 

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