Plant-Based Food Influencers Want More Delivery Options

  • Data around food influencers show that plant-based diets are trending

  • The consumer shift to vegan diets is causing restaurants to create more plant-based dishes

The Plant-based movement is in full swing. Plant-based consumption is up 300% over just the last year and restaurants are starting to take notice.

According to Foodable Labs, this year, 51% of chefs have added vegan menu items to their menus, up 31% from last year. These plant-based concepts have increased traffic a whopping 13% year over year in a market where overall restaurant counts are down.

So what’s the big deal? Meat is not going to disappear, right?? While data cannot say just yet, we do see engagement with plant-based content growing across the board.

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According to Foodable Labs, conversations among food influencers are showing a 78.4% increase in plant-based topics over the last year, indicating a very clear culture shift.

Big companies like Walmart are jumping on the trend, asking their suppliers for more healthy and plant-based products like alternative proteins. CEO of alternative protein company Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown says he’s noticed the shift, too.

“We’ve gone from pushing and really trying to convince to now just being in response mode where the consumer is now driving the ship, so to speak, and steering the ship and we are just trying to keep up,” Brown explains.

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HipCityVeg CEO Nicole Marquis adds that winning with this new brand of customer is more than simply giving them what they want.

“It’s no longer really about like interruptive marketing and manipulating someone's purchasing choices, it’s really about communicating who we are, what we do, what we believe in,” she says. “I think the driving force is definitely shared value.”

Foodable Labs also shows that plant-based meal delivery has a major gap in the market with 62.7% of food influencers looking for more plant-based delivery options.

Foodable expects plant-based diets and Vegan diets to continue to grow over the next year. Stay tuned to Foodable Network for the latest in plant-based news and trends and comment and share to join the conversation!

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Higher octane and fuller-flavored brews paired with bold-flavored dishes that keep the menu offerings clean and satisfying, should round out seasonal menu changes.

The savvy guests visiting your establishment will be expecting seasonal flavors, prepared in ways that incorporate spices and ingredients from all over the world. Guests have moved beyond the American fall classics and are ready for your interpretation of a world-influenced fall dish.

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Meet the Innovator Behind the Next Big Lifestyle Brand

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul chats with CEO Justin Rosenberg about how he has created a brand that is more than just a place to eat. Rosenberg likes to play guitar and surf so for him, it was just a natural progression for those hobbies to play a role in his business. With the incorporation of an athletic club and virtual reality employee training, honeygrow creates authentic connections with both its customers and its employees.

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  • 14:59 - Be Authentic, Be Transparent
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  • 19:24 - The Future of Engagement: Virtual Reality

Pick the Brain of Billy Kim of BellyQ

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly, we talk to Chef Bill Kim of bellyQ, an Asian barbeque restaurant in Chicago that takes guests on a flavorful journey. Flavor always comes first for Chef Kim. When discussing  flavor trends he’s seeing, Chef Kim mentions that trendy doesn't always mean new.

“I love Kimchi,” Chef Kim says. “And it’s not top secret, I think the secrets out, but I think it’s going to go beyond that. The thing that people talk about is Kimchi is only spicy and it doesn't need to be.” Chef Kim also talks about Gochujang, a savory, sweet and spicy red chili paste that Kim calls “essence of Korea in a bottle.”

But flavor is not the only goal at bellyQ. Chef Kim places high importance on using the finest seasonal and local ingredients. As he’s aged, he’s placed higher importance on his health and that focus is mirrored the food he serves at his restaurant as well. “If we could either braised it or marinate it overnight, that really imparts flavor and keeps things a little bit healthier. We cut out dairy in our restaurant so we replace it with coconut milk or we like to use, instead of using cream cheese, we use tofu cream cheese.”

In addition to his dedication to flavor, Chef Kim is dedicated to giving back. In the past Kim worked with the great Charlie Trotter and mentions Trotter as a major influence on his charity work. His involvement with the Trotter Project helps provide scholarship funds to kids in under-served neighborhoods who want to get into cooking.

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