Packed With Protein, Why Health-Conscious Consumers Can't Get Enough of This Product

Packed With Protein, Why Health-Conscious Consumers Can't Get Enough of This Product

The healthy food movement is alive and kicking.

“The consumer-driven shift towards fresher, cleaner foods isn’t a fad. It is a movement that is here to stay,” reported “Fortune” last year.

And stay it has!

We are increasingly seeing more fine-dining restaurants offer fresh, seasonal, farm-to-table ingredients within their menus. As well as many fast casual concepts making health-conscious decisions when it comes to sourcing ingredients, ultimately, making the healthy food movement part of their business model.

According to a Statista survey, 59 percent of professional chefs from the American Culinary Federation stated that vegetable carb substitutes were a top trend in main dishes for restaurant menus in 2017. In another survey from the same source, 76 percent of consumers said they are making small changes to achieve a healthier overall diet in 2016.

At the rate consumers are gravitating to a health-conscious diet, it is more important than ever for foodservice professionals and suppliers to recognize this and cater to the demand.

That’s exactly what yogurt company Chobani® has been doing through its recipe gallery for the foodservice industry.

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How Healthy Brand honeygrow Brings Touch Screens and Taste Together

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As a part of the healthy fast-casual scene, honeygrow has already set itself apart from the crowd with its green menu. Founder Justin Rosenberg decided to make touch-screen ordering systems an integral part of his business plan, and the combination was a hit. With 15 restaurants in just four years, customers continuously come back for more.

We decided to stop in and talk to honeygrow Culinary Director David Katz to see what makes their restaurants so popular —and even Chef Katz had to give props to the ordering system.

“The guest feels like they are totally constructing their dish,” he said. “The visual aspect, I think, really helps and encourages people to not miss anything on the menu. Whereas if they just read off of paper or a long chalkboard, they would just kind of scan through it and kind of miss something they wouldn’t realize like, ‘Oh, they have those cool roasted carrots, I didn’t even notice those.'”

However, you can’t eat a POS system, which is why Katz put so much work into their menu. With customizable salads, stir-fry meals, and “honeybars”, customers get to choose a style of dish and add to it from a wide variety of tasty add-ins. For those looking for a more curated experience, the chef has put together a number of flavor profiles that have been proven to be delicious. Setting themselves apart from most fast growing fast casual chains, honeygrow also offers regional dishes that take advantage of ingredients local to each restaurant.

“This is the Chesapeake Crab Stir Fry, so you have our beautiful egg white noodles in an Old Bay tomato broth and then peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes, [blue crab]… so this will be in our Baltimore and D.C. stores.”

Customers rave about the honeygrow experience. Watch this episode of Fast Casual Nation to learn how this concept is growing.

Diet Restrictions? Adjusting Your Menu for Health-Conscious Guests

Diet Restrictions? Adjusting Your Menu for Health-Conscious Guests

By Brian Murphy, Foodable Industry Expert

Guests are getting wiser when it comes to their overall health, and the knowledge they are gaining is having an impact on the restaurant’s bottom line. Keeping guests happy and fed in a healthful way is a rising trend in the fast casual market and beyond. Here are some ways to make simple modifications to accommodate the latest trends in health and lifestyle that won’t cause too many headaches for team members.

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Why Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Trends Continue to Spread in the Restaurant Space

In this episode of On Foodable Weekly, brought to you by the Foodable Network, host Paul Barron speaks to Dr. William Davis, Author of Wheat Belly Total Health & Cardiologist, about the recent gluten-free and grain-free lifestyles that consumers are now adopting and how to properly incorporate them onto restaurant menus. Watch the full episode to learn some of the health benefits that have been attributed to embracing these dietary habits.