There Are 3 Types of Restaurant Owners. Which One Are You?

There Are 3 Types of Restaurant Owners. Which One Are You?

By Donald Burns, Foodable Industry Expert

When you work with an average of 300 restaurants a year, it's quite easy to see emerging trends and patterns in the behavioral dynamics that make up what could be defined as a restaurant owner DNA.

To better understand these three types of restaurant owners, we must first look at two unique theories. While worlds apart, they are necessary in understanding the complex psyche that goes into someone who decides to open a restaurant.

Theory of Evolution

First, let's look at Darwin's Theory of Evolution. More precisely, we are going to look at natural selection. We know that things change. And human beings have known that, in order to survive, they must change and evolve as well or risk becoming extinct. Restaurant owners also need to adapt to this philosophy. Markets change, sometimes rather quickly. More and more restaurants open every year, making competition tougher and market share smaller. Restaurant owners that fail to adapt quickly will get a firsthand look of the natural selection process.

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