How to Avoid Unconscious Discrimination When Hiring for Your Restaurant

  • Hiring is one aspect of your business where more information may not always be better.

  • Choose your words wisely when writing up job descriptions and qualifications to avoid Discrimination charges.

Lexington Wolff is a restaurant employment lawyer with a story. After representing a number of restaurants in employee lawsuits, she began to see a pattern. Many of the lawsuits could have been easily avoided had the restaurant just been better informed about their obligations.

But as Lexi says, once you’re in a penny, you’re in a pound. Basically, it won’t matter whether or not your practices are legal. If your employees feel slighted or misunderstand a policy, they may take you to court which is costly whether or not you are at fault.

On this episode of the Barron Report, Paul and Lexi break down the hiring process and everything you need to know about how to approach candidates.

For example, have you reviewed the wording on your job postings recently? Misused language can discriminate against certain races or handicaps. Social media background checks might get you in trouble. Even asking about drug use could get you in trouble if you violate HIPAA laws.

To learn how you should legally be running your restaurant hiring practices, listen in to this episode of The Barron Report. Tune into our last episode with Lexi for more about tip laws and pay practices. And remember, these podcasts do not constitute legal advice. For individualized advice, consult your lawyer.

Show Notes

  • 0:51 - Lexington Wolff, Restaurant Employment Lawyer

  • 2:41 - Your Greatest Risk in the Hiring Process

  • 5:03 - Job Descriptions: Choose Your Words Wisely

  • 6:27 - Qualifications VS Preferences

  • 11:51 - Job Applications Should Not Elicit Protected Information

  • 12:22 - Ban the Box

  • 17:58 - How to Legally Interview

  • 19:08 - Asking About Sexual Harassment History

  • 21:10 - DIY and Third-Party Background Checks

  • 25:36 - Drug Use and HIPAA Laws

DISCLAIMER: This podcast does not constitute legal advice. For individualized advice, seek a lawyer's services.

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Building a Rockstar Team for Your Restaurant

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In 2011, Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber teamed up to open Revival Market, a butcher shop inspired by City Meat Market in Yoakum. It has since evolved to become a full-service breakfast/lunch restaurant and butcher shop. The success of Revival prompted the duo to open Italian restaurant Coltivare, where Morgan developed the cocktail menu, in 2014.

While building the spirits list and managing the bar program at Coltivare, Morgan's interest in bourbon continued to grow. Once he ran out of room for bourbon on the back bar at Coltivare, the idea for Eight Row Flint, aptly named after the variety of corn first used in American whiskey, was born. Eight Row Flint was named one of the best new bars in the country by Playboy in 2016.

Now with 7 different brands under the Agricole Hospitality umbrella, Weber and Pera are starting to get a knack for building top quality teams. From constantly interviewing to patiently grooming their team, this organization has unlocked some key attributes of a successful brand. Listen along with the show notes below to see how you can start attracting top-quality candidates, too!

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All the Laws You Need to Know Before Starting Your Restaurant

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"Do you want a piece of paper or do you want peace of mind?" says A.J. "I recently had a client come to me and they're looking at acquiring another restaurant location and the other location said 'Oh, we've got all our documents. We're completely legal setup, everything.' And they very proudly brought out this corporate kit binder that they ordered online."

Needless to say, that story doesn't end well. Listen to this episode and follow along with the show notes below to learn how you can avoid major snafus like this one with just a few important steps. And if you find yourself needing some help funding your concept, turn to our friends over at Kabbage. They can help you prep your business and manage those new business expenses.

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5 Reasons Why You're Hiring the Wrong People And What To Do About It

5 Reasons Why You're Hiring the Wrong People And What To Do About It

Have you ever spent weeks sifting through resumes (online or offline), spent hours sitting in interviews listening to the same copy and paste responses from everyone, only to hire a handful and they just turn out to be mediocre employees? Or maybe you’ve spent all of this time, money, and energy training someone only to have them leave you for another job?

According to the National Restaurant Association, the turnover rate for the restaurant sector was 72.9 percent in 2016 which was higher than it was in 2015. The biggest reason for that is most people see restaurant jobs as transitional positions. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t snag some amazing people on your team.

Here are five reasons why you’re hiring the wrong people and what we can do to start hiring the people you need for your business to be a success:

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