Artesian Farms: Growing Veggies and Jobs in Detroit

Artesian Farms: Growing Veggies and Jobs in Detroit

By Dorothy Hernandez, Foodable Contributor

In a former warehouse on Detroit’s northwest side, Jeffrey Adams is not only planting the seeds for the produce he grows in his vertical hydroponic farm, but also for the revitalization of his hard-hit neighborhood.

When he began Artesian Farms, which grows, packages and distributes vegetables such as lettuce, chard and kale, as well as herbs such as basil, he wanted to use the farm as a vehicle to create jobs and training programs to boost Brightmoor, a blighted area that has been wracked with crime and abandoned homes. 

Artesian Farms offers several benefits to the community, he says. “No. 1, turn blighted space into something productive. Two, we hire from the neighborhood,” says Adams, who adds the community has a high rate of unemployment, especially among 18- to 30-year-olds. His first employee is from the neighborhood, a woman he has known since she was 12.

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