How to Leverage Third-Party Partnerships and Technology to Increase Off-Premise Profits

We are halfway through the first season of The Takeout Delivery and Catering Show and have covered the foundations for making sure your off-premise strategies are making you money. If you are struggling with the off-premise paradigm shift, if you feel like your catering and delivery channels are not working as effectively as they should, if you see the potential of off-premise but your bottom line is not reflecting the vision, then make sure to listen to the first half of the season to learn how to make your off-premise strategies smart, discoverable and profitable.

There are so many option and so many players, it's a challenge to figure out what is the right blueprint for off-premise success.  The fundamentals of your off-premise strategies are crucial to your future success. In today's episode, Valerie and Erle speak with Richard Hodges, Vice President of Operations Services at La Madeleine. La Madeleine has had 6 years of consecutive growth in the off-premise space. Richard Hodges shares their industry leading strategies like how to leverage third-party partnerships, using the technology to reach customers on multiple platforms, and streamlining the technology to maximize efficiency and profitability.   

Show Notes

14:46 - Free the data!
16:33 - Loyalty intergration.
21:07 - Negotiating with third-party service providers.
25:36 - Please send us your questions and comments at

01:54 - Meet Richard Hodges, Vice President of Operations Services at La Madeleine.
02:26 - Le Madeleine's history in the off-premise space.
04:35 - The importance of differentiating your off-premise channels.
06:58 - Using technology and partnerships to increase efficiency and profits. 


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Best Strategies for Off-Premise Business

Best Strategies for Off-Premise Business

As an operator or restaurant marketer, it's important to constantly stay up to date on best industry practices. In today's market, the most successful operators are leveraging off-premise programs.

With technology platforms readily available, the growth potential for catering, take-out, and delivery programs is significant. But this doesn't mean developing these programs don't come with a unique set of challenges.

With that in mind, the Restaurant Takeout, Delivery and Catering Symposium will be returning for its fourth year. 

240 off-premise leaders and suppliers will be joined together to discuss the latest trends in the industry, along with the challenges and how to overcome them when it comes to off-premise business.

We decided to sit down with Erle Dardick, the founder, and CEO at MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute, and Catering Insights to learn more about this year's event, what attendees should expect, and where he thinks the future of off-premise is going. 

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