Reserve and NoWait — The Shifting Landscape of Online Reservations

In this On Foodable episode, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Managing Editor Jessica Bryant is joined by Reserve CEO Greg Hong and NoWait CEO Ware Sykes to talk technology and online reservations.

What void are each of these technologies filling in the marketplace? How are they using data to better enhance the overall consumer dining experience? In the modern-day landscape of a crowded mobile-first reservation space, what differentiates Reserve? And how can operators customize these technologies specifically for their concepts? Watch the full episode to find out!

Groupon Reserve Goes Mobile

Photo Credit: Mashable

Photo Credit: Mashable

As the daily-deals business continues to become over saturated, companies are doing all they can to rise to the top of the barrel.  Groupon - the company synonymous with daily deals - announced a new feature last month: Groupon Reserve.  And now the site has taken their new idea mobile, most likely in the hopes that mobile reservations, the daily deal and the option for mobile payments might put them ahead in the game. Check out what other apps, like UrbanSpoon and Zagat, are doing to stay relevant and read more about Groupon Reserves' mobile upgrade here.

The Battle of the Review Sites: Why UrbanSpoon Sold Rezbook

Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Photo Credit: TechCrunch

This month seems to be the race of the review sites - Yelp just acquired reservation management site SeatMe, OpenTable bought Rezbook from UrbanSpoon just last week, and Zagat is trying to "out-yelp" Yelp with its new mobile design.  With all of these review sites battling it out to be the best, why would UrbanSpoon get rid of their reservation management site?  According to CEO Doug Leeds, UrbanSpoon has decided to focus on creating more editorial content in the hopes of positioning themselves to be the established brand for restaurant information.  Read More

New Yelp Platform Offers Food Delivery and Pickup

The GrubHub-Seamless merger announced earlier this year had many asking, "Will Yelp die out?," and it seems we have the answer: not without a fight. Just this week, Yelp announced its new offering Yelp Platform, which allows users to order food online for delivery or pickup by partnering with businesses like Eat24 and

The company already facilitates restaurant reservations for listed businesses via a collaboration with online reservation company OpenTable.

 Yelp also said Tuesday that it will eventually roll out a scheduling program for appointments at yoga studios, salons, spas and dentist offices. Read More


Daily Deals Get Fancy with Groupon Reserve

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

Groupon just got a bit fancier.  The daily deal service with a reputation for bargain goods and services has launched a new product called Groupon Reserve, in the hopes of targeting bigger spenders and high-end establishments.  

Groupon Reserve will allow users to reserve tables at more than 600 restaurants in ten cities: New York, Boston and San Francisco, to name a few. To be clear, Groupon is still focused on offering its users discounts — the first deals that will appear on Reserve include 40% off meals from a selection of fine restaurants from, a restaurant reservations portal it bought in September 2012. The aim, however, is to court consumers who are looking for the “finest things to eat, see, do and buy,” thereby potentially grabbing sales with higher margins. Read More