3 Key Phrases That Sign the Decline of a Restaurant

3 Key Phrases That Sign the Decline of a Restaurant

When you listen to people talk about their restaurant, there are subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) verbal signals that causes you to have a reaction. A negative reaction. As a consultant, you hear these words spoken and in the back of your mind you hear a voice in your head say, “wait for it”. Usually those voices are not wrong. It could be a few months or a year. Eventually, those that throw around boasting remarks tend to be sitting down and eating the very words they were saying.

What you say is a reflection on what is really going on in that three-pound piece of gray matter nestled on the top of your body. The funny thing about the words we say to ourselves, is that when we repeat them with energy, we actually believe them!

Here are three common phrases uttered by short sighted restaurants that originate from the three cardinal sins of leadership: ego, pride, and denial.

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4 Biggest Real Estate Challenges for Fast Casual Restaurants

4 Biggest Real Estate Challenges for Fast Casual Restaurants

By Mark Chase, Foodable Industry Expert

Is site selection slowing you down? In today's competitive real estate market, there are some ways to win the game.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As in physics, the growth of the fast casual segment has created its own challenges: the ever-growing demand and shrinking supply of quality real estate sites.

The 4 Biggest Real Estate Challenges

1. Exclusive Use Restrictions

The majority of fast casual concepts have similar real estate requirements. Most concepts prefer to locate in high traffic shopping centers with good visibility. In most cases, these shopping centers have a mix of tenants, and many have language in their lease restricting the sale of similar products or food.

If you are a better burger concept, and if there is another burger concept in the shopping center, the landlord will often be prevented from entering a lease with you. In a crowded space, it’s not unusual to have an existing competitor on all four corners of a strong intersection.

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Aaron Noveshen — Solving Operator Challenges to Adapt to the Modern Consumer

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In this On Foodable episode, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Managing Editor Jessica Bryant is joined by Aaron Noveshen, Founder & President of The Culinary Edge, a consultancy for restaurant brands.

Watch the full episode to learn: What’s the biggest missed opportunity for operators? What are the top 3 things consumers want? What are some of the common challenges between large restaurant brands and independents? And what technologies should small operations consider using to level the playing field?