Small Products, Big Edge: Consumer Tech in Restaurants

Small Products, Big Edge: Consumer Tech in Restaurants

By Michael Hunte, Foodable Industry Expert

There’s no denying the restaurant industry is a crowded space. With over 600 thousand restaurants in the U.S. and more opening every day, it can be hard to really stand out from the crowd. Customers show up for the food, ambience, and service but I encourage you to think a few steps ahead.

Consumer technology products have a place in restaurants. These small additions can do quite a lot to increase customer perception. So, let’s examine three popular items and examine the pros and cons of incorporating them into your establishment. We’ll take a look at offering Wi-Fi, utilizing tablets, and making portable chargers available to your guests.


No longer is offering wireless internet just for cafés. If you don’t already offer Wi-Fi to diners and guests, think about what this change could do for you. For larger establishments, be sure to look into commercial-grade providers from companies like Ubiquiti.

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