Zume Pizza is Aiming to License Their High-Tech Delivery Trucks to Other Restaurants

Zume Pizza is Aiming to License Their High-Tech Delivery Trucks to Other Restaurants

What’s better than fresh food delivered to your door? Fresh food that was made while on its way to your door.

At least that’s what Mountain View’s Zume Pizza thinks. This startup has dozens of patents on the baked-on-the-way method they’ve been cultivating since 2016. Zume Pizza delivery trucks are also equipped with robots to make the pies.

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How Arby’s Beefy Branding Comeback was a Success

How Arby’s Beefy Branding Comeback was a Success

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large

In order to survive in today’s ever so competitive market, a brand has to adapt and evolve with its customer-base.

With the emergence of fast casual, farm-to-table, local sourcing, etc– consumers have higher expectations when it comes to their dining experience.

Not to mention, the digital realm has created a loud world for consumers to live in. They are constantly being bombarded with advertising on social media, TV, and on their favorite websites, blogs and apps.

Every restaurant brand is trying to catch the attention of the elusive, distracted consumer and to do so, restaurant marketers have to think outside the box.

But developing a cohesive marketing message is easier said than done. Sometimes a brand doesn’t find the right marketing recipe right away.

A chain that initially struggled with a brand revamp was the quick-serve restaurant, Arby’s. Although the chain had a slow start, it eventually made an impressive comeback.

Let’s take a closer look at how the brand managed to bounce back and rise above its slumping sales.

A Rocky Start

Arby’s sales were consistently slipping starting in 2010. In October 2012, the brand started a rebranding process with a modernized logo, the new tagline “Slicing Up Freshness” and a revamped website. Unfortunately, this brand refresh was not well-received. The logo, in particular, got negative criticisms for being “forced” and looking “incomplete.” In a poll with 3,600 participants by the brand, 93% said they disliked the updated logo.

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Will Consumers Ever Get Over the Burger? Sonic's CEO Says Not Anytime Soon

Burgers are all restaurateurs and consumers are talking about lately. After all, we are in the midst of the Burger Boom. But, how long will it really last? According to Cliff Hudson, Sonic Drive-in's CEO the industry has yet to reach "peak burger."

Sonic Drive-in is the largest chain of drive-in restaurants and recently hit double-digit quarterly sales, but it is not because of their hamburgers. Only 17% of the chain's sales are attributed to burgers– 30% are drinks, 10% is ice cream, and another 10% of sales are for chicken. Burgers may be the reason a guest visits the restaurant, but this isn't all they want. They want options and add-ons. 

So what else is causing consumers to flock to Sonic, besides the Burger Boom? Hudson credits it to a combination of things–their business strategy, including a customizable menu, lower gas prices, and the influx of diners fatigued from McDonalds. Read More

McDonald’s Move to Bring Back Chicken Tenders Also to Bring Back Poultry Industry From Oversupply Funk

By Mae Velasco, Assistant Editor

Facebook page labeled "Bring Back McDonald's Chicken Selects"  | Facebook.com

Facebook page labeled "Bring Back McDonald's Chicken Selects" | Facebook.com

McDonald’s may have had jingles about lovin’ it, but poultry producers may be lovin’ McDonald’s right about now. The company’s decision to bring back chicken tenders, or “Chicken Selects," into its menu selection this March is generating a widely felt shift in the poultry industry.

There were concerns about an oversupply in the U.S. market and chicken-breast prices were dropping with the insufficient demand. But, it says a lot about McDonald’s power when a single one of its item can sway the entire meat industry. The mass demand from the company is predicted to boost chicken-breast prices throughout the summer. McDonald’s, the number one buyer of potatoes with Burger King at second, influence is evident across several markets, even though the company sales has been in a slump.

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