You Must Deliver! And Here's How...

You Must Deliver! And Here's How...

The delivery game is changing and on this episode of On Foodable Weekly: Industry Pulse, we’re looking at what you need to do to take advantage of this growing market.

More than 68 percent of consumers have ordered online delivery in the past 6 months.

Meanwhile, nearly 35 percent of millennials have reduced their restaurant visits in the past year. With online delivery orders nearly quintupling (yes, that's FIVE) in just the past year, restaurants need to recognize that while this could be a threat, it could also be an opportunity.

Foodable spoke to a number of industry experts about what restaurants need to consider before jumping into the delivery game. We talk delivery services, packaging, menus and even restaurant design in order to optimize delivery efficiency. Watch the episode above to see what they said!

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Providing Your Staff a Quality Team Member Experience


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Episode 4: Team Member Experience

A restaurant is only as successful as the team responsible for running it. As Rock My Restaurant Pro co-host Bill Bender explains, providing a positive experience is crucial to team success.

Team member experience consists of more than just an employee’s relationship with their peers. It includes their experience with the culture of the restaurant, as well as the design of the facility.

“Whether it’s prep cook, line cook, somebody making salads or dessert — Is their workstation set up correctly? Is it ergonomically correct? Do they have all the tools they need at that workstation to get the job done without being completely miserable running back and forth to the walk-in or to the pot sink?” are the questions fellow co-host Eric Norman asks.

Millennials in the Workforce

It is also important to consider what is important to your team. In this age, we see a lot more millennials coming on as team members in restaurants. With high digital literacy and an increased concern for the environment, managers might find they need to provide modern technologies and environmental conservation strategies. You can build loyalty in team members who take pride in representing your company.  

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Restaurant & Bar Trends in Design, Tech, and Sustainability

Restaurant & Bar Trends in Design, Tech, and Sustainability

In this episode of “On Foodable Weekly,” we’re talking restaurant trends with Restaurants Canada. But though we’re talking Canadian culinary trends, this segment is chock-full of tips for operators of all kinds, in any location, on three main areas: sustainability, interior design, and bar technology. Watch the full episode as we connect with experts in these three realms at the Restaurants Canada Show.

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You Heard it Right -- Philly Restaurants are Louder

buys restaurant

That's not the Liberty Bell ringing in your ears. With Philadelphia's restaurant scene getting plenty of buzz, many local residents may find a series of busy nights almost unbearable. Long gone are the days of hushed whispers and fine china, where the clatter of dropping a fork was enough to garner guilty embarrassment. Restaurant owners now find acoustics a function of interior design and are eager to create an atmosphere of cheerful racket.

"A lot of the restaurateurs seem to think that young people want it to be loud and noisy, but that's not what anyone over 40 wants," Lynn Godmilow, who resides in Rittenhouse Square, said. She was speaking at a Friend in the City meeting, an active older adult group, in order to rally people with this shared peeve. There are few in the group frustrated enough to even have a decibel-reading app on their smartphones, ready to unleash when complaining to a manager.

"People have gravitated, over the last couple years, to spaces that have more exposed surfaces, harder surfaces and generally have more energy -- noise -- than their predecessors," restaurant interior specialist of SL Design Chris Sheffield said, which contributes to the noise levels in latest designs.

Operators, what are your views on this generational consumer complaint? What is the balance between keeping guests happy and are interior acoustic treatments priority on your list? Read More

How Consumers are Influencing Restaurant Design & Menus

Modern-day media and technology, with its transparent nature – think reality TV and social media channels – has re-shifted the way we do business. And the foodservice industry is certainly no exception. It's almost impossible to flip through television channels and not find at least one food reality show or competition being aired at any given time. This has turned amateurs into foodies with behind-the-scenes knowledge of ingredients, dishes, and chefs. Social chefs have also bridged the gap for consumers, making guests more sophisticated when it comes to food knowledge.

Restaurants have been leaning in to this sophistication, as well, making menus more chef-driven, expanding out of just the fine dining sector. Heck, it’s part of the reason fast casual is so successful. said it best: “At some point in recent years, restaurant trends started being driven by consumers rather than big city food critics.” But these consumer-driven trends aren’t just food-based; it also expands into things like design elements. Open kitchens, for example, have become a huge success factor for restaurants, which obviously connects full-circle to this need for transparency between a brand and a consumer. Read More


Click the photo below to view the full Rock My Restaurant episode, as our co-hosts and restaurant consultants William Bender and Eric Norman discuss how to rock an open kitchen design.