How 3 NYC Restaurants Are Breaking Through the Social Media Clutter

How 3 NYC Restaurants Are Breaking Through the Social Media Clutter

By Kristen Hess, Foodable Contributor

Most restaurateurs are beginning to understand the power of social media and online marketing.

Running a print ad or spending money on television ads is expensive. Smart operators realize the importance of connecting with consumers and influencers, and how positive online engagement can affect their brand, business, foot traffic and reputation. Social media can be an effective communication tool to inform customers of daily specials, promotions, events, menus and more. But in a crowded online marketplace, how can you break through the clutter?

The three New York restaurant owners/marketers below give us real-world examples of what’s working for them, what tools they’re using, and successful campaign ideas they’ve implemented to increase online visibility and engagement. 

Want to build customer loyalty and brand buzz? Here’s some inspiration.

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5 Ways for Restaurants to Develop Loyal Relationships with Millennials

Millennials are a tough crowd to gauge. At roughly 80 million strong, this generation is the largest to date, which translates to a high volume of market share. Restaurant marketers are perking up to new millennial trends that relate to communication, generational habits, and how this group interacts with brands.


Find out what your restaurant brand can do to better connect with millennials:

  • Go mobile. According to eMarketer, more than half of millennials own smartphones. Of them, 60 percent use their mobile devices to access the internet. By developing a solid mobile presence, you can position your brand to stay top-of-mind with millennial consumers. Read More

7 Ways for Restaurants to Reach the Holiday Guest

7 Ways for Restaurants to Reach the Holiday Guest

It can be difficult for restaurant brands to stand out from the competition during the holiday season. Instead of falling into a generic rut, you want to come across as innovative, original and perhaps even a bit edgy. We get it – the standard gift card special offer has become a bit impersonal. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips from industry professionals – two veteran restaurant consultants, William Bender and Eric Norman, and restaurant & hospitality connoisseur (and Foodable Founder) Paul Barron – on things restaurant brands can do to stand out and reach the holiday guest.

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Taco Bell Brings the Flavor to YouTube

Photo Credit: Nation's Restaurant News

Photo Credit: Nation's Restaurant News

Taco Bell has done it again! In preparation for the release of the brand's newest Doritos Locos Tacos flavor, Taco Bell asked YouTubers to create videos around the new menu item - and the response was amazing.  

The chain received 65 video submissions, 15 of which they chose to showcase (including this video of the mythical Taco Bell 3D printer).  What Taco Bell shows us is that it's not always about the brand - it's about the consumer and how the consumer relates to the brand.   

With Taco Bell's reputation for interactive campaigns, including this one, which recently took place in the Canadian market, it's no wonder Taco Bell tops the Restaurant Social Media Index and is nominated for several RIZMY Awards, including Brand of the Year. Read More

The Era of the Social Chef


Over the years, chefs have come out of hiding from behind the kitchen, making their presence known in more than their plates. Reality shows like Top Chef and Chopped have certainly given these hard workers exposure, even dubbing the well-known ones cheflebrities. But most restaurants aren't connecting the dots when it comes to an establishment's social and digital presence to bank on this exposure. A restaurant's most untapped social media resource is its chef.

With a little help from social media, a good chef can become a mini celebrity, but most importantly, a brand - sharing recipes, creations and ideas with hundreds, maybe thousands of followers a day. It's a win-win situation: they get to promote and show off their craft while the restaurant gets free publicity and an endless supply of content.  Read More


Foodable Note: Chefs have become the new social media rock stars in their own right. Next week, we will be announcing which nominees made Social Chef of the Year, a RIZMY Award celebrating the best digital and social rockstars in the foodservice industry.