5 Seafood Restaurant Trends To Look Out For This Year

5 Seafood Restaurant Trends To Look Out For This Year

Although, significant overall growth is not in the forecast for seafood dishes in the foodservice sector, there are five trends to look out for in 2018.

According to a food industry market research firm, Datassential’s Seafood Keynote report as covered by “SeafoodSource,” seafood in breakfast and brunch dishes is rising in popularity along with patron’s willingness to explore various kinds of seafood.

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Not all seafood is created equally. On menus across the world, seafood is measured up by the region from which it is sourced, how it is raised, its freshness, price, and parts. And one thing we are seeing more of is the demand for sustainable seafood from consumers and chefs alike. 

Over the past six months, according to Foodable Labs, nearly 7 million conversations on social media mentioned seafood in a positive light in connection to restaurant menus. Additionally, 391K+ social media conversations revolved around seafood sourcing. But while many are talking about the topic, seafood consumption per capita in the U.S. is still low compared to land-based animal proteins. Based on 2014 data, beef consumption totaled 54.1 pounds per capita, with chicken at 84.6 pounds, and seafood at only 14.6 pounds.

This raised a lot of questions, including whether there’s a lack of education on the topic of seafood. Also, how are we consuming seafood today? What components of the seafood industry are consumers most attracted to and/or worried about? How do these factors translate to making decisions about visiting a restaurant? And what are the top regions and species that a majority of U.S. diners are gravitating toward?

In the recently published Seafood Trends 2016 report, brought to you by Alaska Seafood and powered by Foodable Labs and the Restaurant Social Media Index, we answer all of these questions, plus more.

In the report, you will learn:

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