Foodable Drops Chef Todd English From Top 100 Social Chefs Guide

Foodable Drops Chef Todd English From Top 100 Social Chefs Guide

Earlier this year, Foodable released its first Top 100 Social Chefs featuring the top-performing U.S. chefs in the digital space. As Foodable gears up to release the anticipated rankings for 2018 in January, a new policy has been implemented.

Foodable is dropping Chef Todd English from its Top 100 Social Chefs ranking due to sexual harassment allegations that arose in November.

This is what Foodable’s editor-in-chief, Paul Barron, had to say on the subject as he detailed the new Foodable policy:

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The Main Dish

In the Age of Information Overload, refinement is key. That was the thought behind The Main Dish - a quick compilation of the most bookmark-worthy links from the Foodable WebTV Network. Aside from our usual daily content, The Main Dish will serve a fresh batch of 5-10 handpicked pieces every Sunday from our editor of the most appetizing lists & literature that you may have missed.


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Top Social D.C. Chef Says 'Yes' to Franchising

Spike Mendelsohn is not only a former Top Chef contestant, but also a Top 20 Social Chef nominee. Still, he keeps things humble by working hand-in-hand with his family on three D.C. ventures: We, the PizzaBéarnaise, which he co-owns with his sister only; and Good Stuff Eatery, a fresh fast casual joint that boasts handmade burgers, hand-cut fries and hand-spun ice cream shakes (hungry yet?). 

Good Stuff opened in 2008, and it was just recently announced that the brand is getting ready to begin franchising, which was always part of the plan. But why did it take so long for Mendelsohn to start franchising? That, too, was all part of his plan. And it's a smart one, indeed. Read More


Photo Credit: Good Stuff Eatery

Photo Credit: Good Stuff Eatery

The Era of the Social Chef


Over the years, chefs have come out of hiding from behind the kitchen, making their presence known in more than their plates. Reality shows like Top Chef and Chopped have certainly given these hard workers exposure, even dubbing the well-known ones cheflebrities. But most restaurants aren't connecting the dots when it comes to an establishment's social and digital presence to bank on this exposure. A restaurant's most untapped social media resource is its chef.

With a little help from social media, a good chef can become a mini celebrity, but most importantly, a brand - sharing recipes, creations and ideas with hundreds, maybe thousands of followers a day. It's a win-win situation: they get to promote and show off their craft while the restaurant gets free publicity and an endless supply of content.  Read More


Foodable Note: Chefs have become the new social media rock stars in their own right. Next week, we will be announcing which nominees made Social Chef of the Year, a RIZMY Award celebrating the best digital and social rockstars in the foodservice industry.